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“But, How can I live among people who won’t believe a word I say? How can I live knowing this, but not being able to tell anyone because they will mock me?” I asked
“You will find your way.” she responded
“Is that all the wisdom you’ll give me!?” I said infuriated.

Maybe I should start at the beginning. Hm. Where is the beginning? Well you see, I fell asleep and when I woke up I was NOT in my bed anymore.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know me, but I’ll introduce myself anyway. My name is Jesse,  also known as NoBakes ALSO known as Good_no_Bakes. Well, I’m a complete Game freak, I LOVE videogames! But despite what People say I’m not addicted, truly! I love Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Smash bros, you get the point. But I also play Piano, Dancing is fun, as is archery, I’m not the Bravest person you’ll meet. (I HATE spiders!) But I’m OK. I think I’m generally polite (but not the MOST polite) so I think I can say that I’m about average!

So ANYWAYS when I woke up I was on this platform with six strange looking pads in evenly spaced rows each with a different color and symbol. The first one was white with three triangles and three dots. The second, green with four curved marks each branching off from the center. The third was red with a fireball like design on it. The fourth, blue with six water-drop things with the tapered end facing the middle. The next was dark purple, with a triangle in the middle and three dots on each side of it. And the last was orange with two circles swirling on it both with a thin trail coming behind it.
From each of the symbols there was a about foot thick line from it to the center of the platform which had a pyramid of three golden triangles on it.
I’m going into such great detail so that you can envision this in your mind.
So from somewhere above me I heard Female voices.
“So is He REALLY the one you chose?” said the first voice, hers was sort of high pitched.
“He is too young, and is Male. It is TOO irregular.” said a second, more harsh voice
“Din, you did not have a problem with Farore’s choice, of Shaleena, who is both young and Female, when all Courage bearers have been older, and have been Male.” said a third voice silky, and patient. I figured that if this wasn’t a prank the third speaker must be Nayru, the first being Farore and The second Din. If (and I hoped it was real) was NOT a HUGE prank.
“And besides.” Nayru continued “The great Hero of time was no more than a confused boy, when he began HIS journey”
“This IS true.” Farore agreed.
That’s when I had enough guts to speak up.
“What are you talking about?” I asked. “Why Am I here?”
“See Nayru?” Din spoke up immediately “the FIRST words out of his mouth are questions. How can you choose such an ignorant fool?”
Ouch. What an Ego slap….
“Hush Sister.” Nayru said. I was staring to like her considering she was sticking up for me.
“I will NOT be silenced Nayru!” Din shouted back with a voice much like thunder. “YOU are an ignorant Idiot Boy, who Cannot offer the world anything other than MORE pain and More suffering” It took me a moment to realize she was yelling at ME now!
“DIN! He did not ASK for this! I CHOSE him!” Nayru yelled back. Also sounding like Thunder.
Then the darkness above me started flashing red and blue. After a minute it started getting higher and higher until I could no longer see it.
“Uh-oh” said Farore. The only one left in here besides me. “There they go again… I better go, um, intervene”
“But what about me?” I asked “you’re just going to leave me here alone?”
There was a tiny laugh, like the sound of bells then “no, I’ll leave someone here with you.” then there was a flash of green, and there was a Woman standing in the middle of the platform, on the Triforce mark.
She was a little taller than me, but not by much. I recognized her immediately, as Princess Zelda in Twilight princess style. Wait, no. That’s how I would have said it BEFORE I say her for real, but that was exactly what she looked like except for one thing.
She was old.
And I mean, not EXTREEMLY old, but old enough to have deep wrinkles in her face.
“Well, I better go now.” I heard Farore say “So Zelda, tell him everything he needs to know.”
“Yes, I will Goddess” Zelda replied. Her voice was somewhat musical but it sounded raspy and tired.
Then it was quiet.
“So, what’s up?” I asked. Feeling stupid the moment after I said that. I mean, I just asked the QUEEN of a great and powerful kingdom, ‘what’s up?’
She smiled and said.
“Well, The Goddesses went ‘up’ just now.”
Well, at least she didn’t make me feel MORE stupid.
“Um… well, you’re… OLDER Than I thought you’d be.” I said, trying to start a conversation.
“Well, what did you expect? A twenty year old princess?” She replied
“Well, not really but, um, where I’m from, there is these things called Video games, and, um well, I play them, and they sorta tell stories and you are in them, In one Called Twilight princess, and--”
“ You know about the encounter with twilight?” she asked. Sorta bugging me that she interrupted me.
“Yeah” I replied, “It’s not as good as Ocarina of time but, it’s still--”
“You know of the Legend of the Hero of time!? But, how?”
“As I was saying, there is these Video-Games and---”
“Maybe this is why Nayru chose you,…” she mumbled, interrupting me yet again.
“Chose me?” I said “for what!?” I was NOT prepared for the answer
“To hold the Triforce of Wisdom.” she replied reverently
I sat down.
“You have been chosen to hold a piece the sacred Triforce.”  She continued
“yeah, know what you mean…”
She let me sit there with this information rolling around in my head.
After a little bit I thought of something important.
“so, what’s the most recent BIG event that’s happened?” If I was going to have a Triforce piece I better know what’s already happened.
“what do you mean?” she asked
“Well, You mentioned the hero of time” I remembered. “then what happened?”
“there was the great flood.” she replied. ”and the Hero of winds Emerged from outset island and founded New Hyrule, Which is now known as just, ‘Hyrule’ Magic Users were found to fix the landscape like The first Hyrule. Many many years passed with nothing much happening until the kingdom was taken over by Zant. The Hero of Twilight saved us. Fifty years have passed since then.”
Ok I thought, concerning the history lesson.
“what happened to link?” I asked
“Please, In Hyrule we call all deceased heroes by their Story title.” she responded. I noticed her eyes were tearing up.
“Deceased?” I said, somewhat numb.
“The Hero Of Twilight Was slain, in a freak accident.” she said barely holding back sobs.
I figured it was a BAD idea to press her more, considering, how she was acting now.
After a minute she seemed to regain control.
“sorry.” she said, “but I prefer to not talk about  it.”
“It’s Ok” I replied, thinking I will probably hear what happened eventually.
“please.” she said “continue asking.”
“Ok” I thought about it a moment then asked, “what races are there around Hyrule?”
“well,” she replied “there are Hylians we live in castletown, the castle and in smaller villages across the land. There are Kokiri who live in the Great forest. The Gorons live on Death mountain and on other mountains across the land. The Zoras Live in Zora’s domain and in the great sea farther off. The Gerudo live in their desert and don’t usually socialize with the other races. And the Twili live in their parallel world.”
I knew everything to know about each race as she mentioned them, but that’s what happens when you spend hours memorizing these things online.
“how does Hyrule stand with the other races?” I asked
“We have steady trade and friendships with all of the races except the Gerudo.”
“but, Wasn’t the mirror of twilight destroyed?” I asked, confused.
Her eyes started tearing up again. “yes, the mirror of twilight was destroyed. But another device for traveling between the two realities was created.”
“who made it?” I asked, not thinking about how this could quite possibly push her over the edge of emotional despair
“the Hero of twilight.” she replied not able to keep the emotion out of her voice. “He created it, but it came with the price of his life.” then she completely broke down.
I wasn’t sure what to do. She was barely holding herself together, but I wasn’t sure how to help her.
“I’m sorry, for asking” I said, hoping to regain some stability from her. Even though I still had no idea what happened, I still could find out later.
“anything else I can help with?” she asked, still emotionally unstable
“ummmm…. What will I be doing in Hyrule?” I said, realizing that I had NO idea, what would be going on.
“you will live in the castle, along with the other Triforce bearers.”
“who are they?”
“Darma, is a young man who possesses the Triforce of power. He is powerful, because he was raised by Gorons. And There is Shaleena. She bears the Triforce of courage. She is from a rich Hylian family, who sent her away to learn magic.” she was, almost back to her unemotional self.
“when will I be going?” I asked
“in just A minute I will pass on to the other world. Then you will be sent to Hyrule.”
“WOAHOAHOAH! ‘pass on’?” I said, somewhat in shock “You’re going to DIE?”
“My time, has come.”
“but, if you won’t rule Hyrule, who will!? Do you have an heir?”
“alas, I do not.” she said. “it will be the people of Hyrule, who will decide who will rule.”
“so, the people are going to choose someone to lead them.”
“then who is their choices?” I said, thinking of voting booths and election buttons
“it will either be one person, or many. But whoever is chosen it will be the will of the people.”
“just checking, but there is NO WAY that they’ll choose me, right? Because I don’t think that would be a good Idea, for them to choose this 14 year old kid, who is from a different planet.” I said, hoping she’d agree.
“it IS highly improbable” she said “but not impossible”
“OK, when will they decide?”
“Tomorrow. At noon, Darma shall ask the people and there will be a massive vote. If you go now you should have enough time to get to know the people there a little.”
“so, how do I get there”
She smiled. That worried me.
“I’ll send you there. Just close your eyes and I‘ll take care of the rest”
I closed my eyes, and slowly I lifted up off the ground. I WOULD have freaked out, but I had just been standing on a platform Magically floating through space with no wires, chains or ANYTHING I could see.
For a moment my body felt like it went to sleep, you know that tingly feeling? Imagine that over you entire body. I floated higher and higher, Then It all stopped. and everything was still. absolutely still.

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