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"This cannot be death," Gannondorf thought bitterly to himself. He was so close to winning that he could almost taste it and out of nowhere he failed. He was eager to survive; to return and conquer what was rightfully his. Something in him was alive he couldn't identify what it was, but it was. Whether it was a spirit or his own imagination he moved through everything his mind could remember. His counciousness reached Gerudo Valley, the place he was born where he would start again. The smell of sand filled him in his nonexistent state and he was reminded of home. He remembered ruling, savoring his power and watching it grow. He rembembered the heat and passion; and then another feeling came over him: love. Then he remembered her face: Nabooru. Her skin was the perfect color of cinamann and her crimson hair hung past her shoulders. She fought with such a vigor that none could duplicate and won his heart with such ease. Without a doubt in his mind she would be his queen. His thoughts wrapped around her savoring the feeling of her prescence until another feeling came over him: rejection. She never wanted to take over Hyrule and fufill thier destinies as king and queen of this universe. Her lovely and golden eyes saw right through his schemes. For whatever reson she married him, ruled as his second in command but he always felt her undying animosity towards him. His counsiousness dwelled on this for a moment and hten he felt betrayal. His rage consumed him yet again. "She was nothing more than a Harlot" he concluded. He relived her feeling towards the Hylian man; the only man to defeat him. She was now the Sage of Spirit and worked to fight agianst her own husband...all because of that little forest snake called Link. That little Hylian creep stole his title, stole his power but above all stole the heart of the woman he loved. With a whole new drive, he urged to return.

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