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AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THUD! Jackson stood up and dusted of his pants."what the- were am I?`Who am I";He looked at his his shirt, his pants, and finally he noticed he was whereing a watch.It had a discripture in it and it read:to Jackson my best friend forever AKA, Jacks.He looked around and saw a barrier of rock or trees around in a circle and thought it might be somewere to stay for te night because that and a feild was all that was around him.He walked around it untill he found an opening.He limped inside because he sort of hurt his leg durig the fall. He also had a few bruises and scraches but nothing serious.As he walked in Jacks saw a house, a barn, and a huge feild.He was about to knock on the door when he heard wounderful singing.Jacks whent towrd the feild were hourses raced around and in a corner over by the house were cucoos jumping and crowing around a crate.He went to the centerof feild and what caught his eye was a beutiful red headed girl.Jacks just stared at her.Then he came to his senses and walked up to her.She wore a cream colerd short sleved shirt with a pink skirt.She also wore a yellow scarf around her neck with a golden neclice with a pink flower. She opened her blue eyes to see him.She asked for his name "ahhh...Jackson, but you can call me you have anywere for me to stay a while?"r43;sure go to the house and tell my dad, Talon".Jacks did that and they let him stay there if he helped them on the ranch.Jacks happidly accepted, wich the ranch is called Lon Lon ranch.Talon is the owner with his daughter,Malon, and attendent ,Ingo.

"HELLOWWWWWW!!!anyone here?"Tyler asked out loud.He was in a grave yard he walked out and saw all these people walking around.There was a well, a wind mill and a volcanio in the back ground .He walked up to a lady with a coop of cucoos"were am I?"he asked her"your in Kakiriko villige.";she said.She let him stay with her after he asked.

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