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"hey, Jacks you whant to help deliver this milk to the castle?"Malon asked Jacks one sunny afternoon."sure"so they louded up the wagon and left.They arrived and unlouded the milk in the kichen.Jacks and Malon asked were Zelda was but the gaurds said she was in a meeting.They left for home but when they were on Hirule field the wheel broke."oh no, how are we going to get home now?"Malon whined"well it is nice day, maby we could not worry about that and just injoy it."Jacks suggested"you know that would be cool."so they sat down on a wall."hey, Malon"Jacks asked"yeah""do you...umm..."he started to blush"what is it Jacks?"""he took a deep breath and closed his eyes"Malon, do you like me?"Malon smiled and Jacks opened his eyes."off corse why do you think I like to hang out with you all the time.To try and see if you like me."Malon answerded"really?oh I got this for you when I deliverd milk to the bakery."he dugg a small box out of his pocket"oh Jackson, its so looks like it cost alot"it was a beutiful golden braclet with her name on it"eh, just fifty,thousand rubees""Jackson!how did you get that much?""well, it took alot of work and tips."Malon hugged Jacks tight then she kissed his cheek.Jacks started to blush and Malon giggled.

Tyler was on duty as a castle gaurd when Zelda came out to the courtyard,Ty this is your chance to talk to her,he thought.He walked over to her.he picked some flowers."hey Zelda, I saw you here and thought you might want some flowers."he handed her the flowers."wow these are my fevorite Tyler. I love flowers you know."she grabbed the flowers and sniffed them."your welcome."Zelda looked around her and handed him paper."dont read untill you leave,ok"she smiled and he left to his spot and read the note:
meet me in the field at midnight
ps: dont tell the gaurds or my father.

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