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In a few days after I woke up I had a job and still lived with Anna.One day while I was working at the bakery a pack of wolfos was attacking the town.I rushed outside to see what was hapening.Then I heard a horse.I looked over and saw a blonde boy with blue eyes.He wore a green tunic and maching floppy hat.The boy had a sword in one hand and a sheild in the other.I heard a screem so I turned around and saw a little boy being attacked.I grabbed a bunch of rocks and threw them at the wolfos.They turned around and growled at me. I took a few steps back and they jumped on me.I screemed and kicked at them but they just scrached harder.Soon the boy on the horse ran over and slashed at the the beasts.When they died he picked me up and I was all bruised up and scrached.I opened my eyes a little and saw all the dead wolfos.I heard Anna say"ohh noo, Amanda honey are you alright."She disided to adopt me since I didnt know were my parents were."yeah...I`m..a-alright. ahh..thanks for helping me."I told the boy."no problem, its just my job."he replyed."are you gaurd?"I asked"no Im the hero of time .not a gaurd."he answerd.Then a crowd came around us while he was still carring me."you saved us again Link!" a lady called.The little boy I heped pushed his way to the front and came up to me."thank you lady for saving me.Im john."I smiled at him and said"it was my pleasure..ahh"then I fell unconcious. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Links smiling face."good morning sleeping beuty.You were asleep for two days."Link said."what happend.Is the boy ok?"I asked."yeah you saved him remember?""oh yeah.""well I have to go to the castle."Link said"can I go with you, Link"I asked"I dont know""pleassssseeee"I gave him a puppy dog face"ohhhh alright"So we headed to the castle.When we arived at the gate the guard said to Link"good afternoon Link,coming to see the princess?""yeah, she whanted to talk to me about somting."Link replyed"ahhh, who is this."the gaurd asked"oh Im Amanda."

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