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A thousand years ago there was a legend of a girl who could transform into any animal she disires.Well this girl was born with a nacklice that could not be taken off and grew whenever she grew.The legend says the first thing she transformed into was a bunny when she was 3.Her parents named her Anny.No one know that it was her.But that was a thousand years ago.Noone knows for sure if it is true or not.Execept one boy named Link.He was married to her.They had a beutiful daughter named Cara.She had her mother`s blue eyes and her father`s blonde hair.She was also born with the necklice wich gave her the ability.Cara always played outside and picked flowers.Everytime she found a hurt animal she would bring it home and nurse it like her own.But one day Link had found out that Ganondorf had returned and was after his wife and daughter.And that is what has brought us to now.

Link was pacing around his room thinking of what to do.Cara was to little to understan even if she was very smart."I think I`ve thought of something its risky but its the only way"Link replyed to Anny"what is it ,Link?""you must take Cara and yourself to Termina.I know you`ll be safe there."Link told her"No.I`m not leaving you Link.I love you.""I love you too,Anny.But you have to keep yourselves alive and safe.""But Link."she cried to sleep that night with Link.It would be the last time they slept together.

Before sunrise Link Epona ready to take them to Termina."Link,are you sure you sure you whant to do this"Anny asked saddly"If it keeps you safe""Link,I`ll never stop hoping that you return." "I know".As they rode through lost woods Anny sobbed and tried to hide Cara.By noon they had made it to Termina. The clock town was like it was when Anny helped like save here.She took Cara to the inn were Anju was"oh, Anny, were`s Link?"Anju asked"he`s going to try and kill Ganondorf again."Anju gasped"well I can see that you have been through quit alot so I`ll give you the knife chamber for free."

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