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One morning Bree woke up as well as Sophia.Bree looked at Sophia`s cut and it was no longer there. "Sophia.Your cut is all better"She hopped out of bed."You whant some breakfeast girl?"Sophia wagged her tail and put her front paws up on Bree`s waist."I would love breakfeast."Bree stood still."Wh-whos there?""Well I am"The voice said"Wh-who?""Well, Sophia, your dog.Who else."She looked down at Sophia who was staring at her with her tounge out"I didnt know you could talk.""You can.Why not dogs. Well I`m one of the only ones.I just couldnt talk when I was hurt."Bree sat down in front of Sophia "Actually.I`m a magic dog.I can grant wishes to those who need them.I will grant yours for helping me and because your my owner.""Thats cool.Can I tell mom""I`d rather you not tell anyone so they dont crowd around me.""Your right."Then the heard a loud rummbling"What was that?"Bree asked nervosly"Oh, sorry.That was my stomach.I`m hungery""Then lets go check on breakfeast."They got up and walked down the hall.When the arived in the hall of the kichen,they could smell bacon."Mmmm."They enterd the kichen and there all the cooks were all trying to cook.Bree walked up to a lady in an blue dress.She had platinum hair and purple eyes."Good morning,Bree."She was a freind of Bree`s"Hi.Whats for breakfeast?" "Well, bacon, eggs, grits, pancakes, and sausage."Sophia thought,this place is dog heavan."Are mommy and daddy up?""I think there in the den.Or maby in the courtyard" "Come on,Sophia.Let`s go find mom and dad."They walked out of the kichen and walked to the front door. Bree pulled the big door open and walked out as Sophia fallowed.She walked out to the courtyard and Zelda and Link sat on the ground. "Good morning mom and dad.""Good mornigng sweaty.Hows it going." "Sophia healed.""Thats great"Zelda said.Sophia looked at Bree and then at Zelda and Link.

At breakfeast Sophia sat next to Bree with her own plate.She dug in but didnt even make a mess."Now thats a cool dog."Link said.

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