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In a far away land,Ferious,a woman in labor was lying in her bed.She was giveing birth to her first child.In Ferious, alot of people had the abilities to become a wolf and had tails.This was a speical baby though not just because she had a tail, nor Because she was princess of Ferious.But because she was destined for extrordinary things.The mother held the baby in her arms.Then a canon had hit the window and smashed through.They were under attack."Hurry, millady.We must escape before they find you."The buttler explained.He led them through many long corridors untill they reached outside.She quickly hopped into a covered waegon were she put on a black cloak.The baby was asleep when they made it to a field, a very large one at that.The buttler headed north and they saw a castle in the distince."Were are we?"The queen asked."I`m not sure milady."The rode off tword the castle and past over a draw bridge.They stopped at an inn.Were they got a room.

Five years later the baby was five and her mother was deadly ill.She was in her bed with the docter.The child was sitting on the couch in the living room of a house they bought after the buttler had died.The docter entered the living room with a sad look on her face"Young one.Your mother is dying.She will die very soon."The child was very smart and perfectly understood the docter.A few tears rolled down her cheek."Come,you can say your last words to her."She led the child to her bedroom were her mother layed pale and cold."Momther?"She asked "Carol.Come here"The child walked up to her side"Carol, you`ll have to be taken to an adoption home.You will be adopted by some parents who will treat you right.I love you.And I whant you to keep this close to you no matter what."She handed Carol a nacklice with a heart.Carol opened the heart to find a picture of her and her mother."You`ll always have me in your heart.Carol I-I love yo....."Carol cried on her dead mother`s arm.

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