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Link was picking berries in the lost woods wile Saria and Navi set up the table at Saria`s house.Link whent to a bush with blackberries and found me lying there unconsious.Link put his basket down and picked me up out of the bush.He layed me down on the soft grass.I opened my eyes to find the dirty blonde haired and deep blue eyed Link."Are you OK?"Link asked"Yeah I think."Link spotted the gashes on my cheek"Your cheek, does it hurt?""Now it does.""Oh, sorry.Anyway I`m Link.""Samantha, but you can call me Sam.""Come on Sam.We need to get you healed.I guess Saria could help since she`s a sage.""A sage?Whats that?""You dont know the six sages?""No.Just a few minuetes ago I was running away from home.And now I`m here."I put my platinum hair behind my ears and Link asked"Are you from Hirule?""No.The godesses said somthing about Hirule and the old race of Angels.Why?"Link stared at her wile replying"Your ears are rounded, not pointed.Your not from Hirule."I looked at Link`s aers.Sure enough,they were pointed"The old race of Angels.Zelda told me a legend about that.It said;A race lived long ago and disapeared.They had wings to fly and the power of everthing powerful ever created.They were said to live forever.But that was soon proved wrong when they all died out.Then Zelda told me of another one;When a girl falls out of the sky and makes contact with the hero oof time then someone else will do the same.""Who`s the hero of time.I mean I know that I fell from the sky.""Link looked at his left hand.The triforce of courage was on it."I`m the hero of time.I saved Hirule from a great evil.""You are.Well, I`v made contact with you.Were`s the oth..."before I could finish a girl fell on Link."I think this is her."the girl looked up and said"What the hell.I was arguing with my parents when I fell.And that reminds me of the dream I had.It was li....AHHHHHHHH.WERE IN HIRULE.""How do you know about Hirule"Link asked."You`ve never heard about the legend of ZeldAHHHHH!!Y-yo-your Link"

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