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Saria spotted Nat and I as Link opened the door widder."Who`s this.""I`m Nattelie, but call me Nat."I was still thinking"Oh...umm I`m Sam.""Your hurt.Does it sting.""Yeah it stings a bit""Come here." I walked over to Saria and she placed her small hand on my cheek.I became amazed when her hand started glowing green and the pain soon stopped.Though the gashes were still there."It should finish healing in a week."I nodded and Saria asked Link"Did you bring some berries?"Link then held out his basket"Oh, right.I got blackberries, blueberries, rasberries...""Ok Link.We get it."Said a floating blue ball."right, this is my fairy partener, Navi.""Your a fairy?""Saria, dont all kokiris have fairy`s.Were`s yours.""Oh, he`s up stairs trying to take a bath."Then Navi said"I told Caleb it`s hard to turn the nob."Saria walked over to the kichen and started chopping up some fruit."Would you like some break feast Nat and Sam."then I heard my stomach growl."At home I barly got fed.I`m starving.""I would love to have some breakfeast."Link walked over to the cabnets and grabbed four wooden plates and cups.Saria finished cutting and put the fruit on the wooden plates as Link put some milk in the cups from a jar that reads: Lon Lon milk.The best milk in Hirule.No artifical flaver and made and breeded at Lon Lon ranch."Were`s Lon Lon ranch?"I asked"It`s in the middle of Hirule field."Link said as he finished pouring the milk."Speaking of Lon Lon ranch, we need to get some more milk from Malon."I thought for a second"Malon must be the ranch ow...""Malon is the ranch owner ,Talon`s, daughter.The have a ranch hand,Ingo.He`s mean."Saria stared at Nat in amasment as she wisperd to Link"Is she alwys this annoying.""she`s about as annoying as Navi""I HEARD THAT"Navi scremed across the room."Well, you should know,Saria, that Sam and Nat aren`t from Hirule."Link explained"Really?"Saria looked at our ears."Right.We dont have pointy ears."Nat said

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