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"You know, now that you mintion it, some kids at school were talking about like a new zelda game or somthing like that."I said after the girl explained how she loved to play the games."I`m in my own game?Thats cool.""I know right.I dreamt of coming here, but everyone kept saying 'grow up it`s a vedeo game, its not real'but I knew it was I knew it.Oh I`m Natellie, but you can call me Nat."Nat gasped when she saw the gashes on my cheek"What happened to you."I looked down to the ground as my eyes welled up with tears" god father...ok.You see my god father treats me like a buttler and when I was bringing him his hot tea, I tripped on his shoe.The tea landed on his head.He said'You useless bitch, I bet your parents left you because your a good for nothing dumbass.'I hate him.Once I got up he slapped me wile wearing his rings and I fell.Before he left he kicked me in the stomach.Jackass.He doesnt diserve to live he`s a selfish basterd.I HATE HIM.He told once that my parents were a couple of smartasses.I nearly grabbed the gun that was in his room and shot him.But I`m smarter than that."I gentily touched the gashes and Link remembered about Saria and Navi."Well, we should be getting back to Saria`s house for breakfeast."I wiped my tears away and stood up."I`m sorry...""Sam, call me Sam."I followed Link along with Nat.Once we exited the woods we came to kokiri forest."This is kokiri forest.I live here along with the kokiri."For once Nat didnt say how much she knew about here.I guess she was sad for me.I wasnt as sad anymore but I was wondering what happened to my parents.Before I knew it we made it to a house that was made out of a huge tree stump.Link opened the door and sitting in a chair was a small girl about ten years old.She had short green hair and blue eyes, and she wore a green long sleve shirt and green shorts along with ggreen boots."Link what took you so long?We`ve been waiting.""Sorry."

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