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Ilia was playing out side in her small village with her two friends Alex and Yasmin.Ilia hid behind a tree as Yasmin hid under a picnic tabble."38,39,40, ready or not here I come."Alex announced.He looked al around the village.When he looked over at a patch of grass the two girls giggled and Alex heard."Oh were are you."He walked over in their derection and looked under the bridge."Nope"He then walked tword the tabble Yasmin was hiding under.He bent down and spotted her."Aww man."
"Your it."Ilia got out of her hiding place and laughed, until Rusl came into the village talking to a man with a boy about the same age as her, seven, clinging to his leg"Well, Firin and Link,welcome to Ordon village.We hope to become great friends."She heard them say."Link, why dont you go play with the kids."
"Ok uncle Firin."The boy walked tword the three children."Hi, I`m Link."The boy said to the kids.Ilia smiled and said"I`m Ilia and these are my friends Alex and her sister Yasmin."They waved and replyed"Hey there."Link waved back."What are you playing?"
"Hide'n seek."Ilia answered
"Can I play?"
"Sure"Yasmin said.They ran off and played some more.
A year later, Ilia and her mother were cleaning the dishes after dinner
when the ground started shaking.Ilia`s mother ran outside to find somthing horrid.A pack of moblins were attacking the village!She grabbed Ilia as she saw Rusl and Mayor Bo, her husband, along with Firin and others go to help.Link ran to Ilia as Alex and Yasmin ran to them with their mother following."What should we do"Ilia`s mom asked.Just then a moblin came tword Link and was about to shoot him with an arrow when his uncle came and covered him.Firin fell to the ground, lifeless and cold"UNCLE FIRIN!!!"
"Link!!Hurry."Ilia called.Tears rolled down Link`s face as he ran o his friends.Alex saw his dog and ran after it."ALEX!"Yasmin scremed as he got shot.Then the same thing happened to Yasmin.Everyone became hurt somehow.

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