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Ilia had left the clinic and tried to look for somone to help the poor zora.She walked down an ally and found a lady."Excuse me,can you help this poor zora.I found him in Hirule field."The lady smiled
"Well of corse.What`s your name"
"I dont know"The lady picked the zora up and walked inside.She set him down on a tabble with blankets."You dont remember"
"No I dont."
"Well, I`m telma, and this is my bar.Oh and this is my cat Louise.You like animals"
"I guess.She is cute."The cat rubbed against Ilia`s leg and purred."Can you help him."
"Im not sure."just then the docter came in."Can you help him doc"asked telma"I dont do zora`s only Hileans."
"Cant you just look at him"Just then Link stepped through the door.Ilia ran up to docter as he walked out the door.She looked up at Link, but didnt reconise him so turned back."Well there is a shawmen in kakiriko village."
"Can he help?"
"Maby.We just need someone shrong to escort us there."The solgers in the back raised their spears and made a battle cry."It`ll be ful of dangerous monsters."When telma looked back at the solgers, only one trembling one was left.When he saw they others gone he quickly sprinted out"Ya`ll never show your faces here again."Telma looked in Link`s direction"Looks like theres still one left."She walked over to him"Do you know her"
"Yeah, her names Ilia."
"She lost her memory.She came to me with the zora on her sholder.You think you can take us to kakiriko"
"Of corse."

After the long ride from castle town to kakiriko, Ilia stayed watching the zora.The children talked to Ilia and tried to see if she remembered them."No.Not one of you, sorry."They sighed"I give up.Were`s Malo?"Talo asked
"Opening a store called 'Malo Mart'"Colin said"Wierd"replyed Beth.A few days later, Link came back with a statue.Iliia looked at it and said"I-I remember g-going to a hidden village and th-this lady she...a necklice"The goron elder spoke up"There is a hidden village,its by the bridge of elden."Link nodded.

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