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Have you ever felt like you always had bad luck, like someone`s watching you making sure you screw everything up?That`s what I feel like.For example, at school, my teacher just called out our names from her book to answer questions, so one day when we were grading our homwork, I wished she wouldn`t call on me for a question that was hard, the rest were easy, but just that one was hard.I closed my eyes and hoped for the best"Brianna, can you answer the question?"My eyes shot open.Of corse I coulnt say 'no I cant answer the question' I`d get detention. Perfect, I thought.I kept thinking about it and finally answered."Just add an s."
"Do you agree class."Everyone blurted out no.My heart sank.Of corse, I thought again.I think alot though when dont before I say somthing.But that`s not the first or only time that`s hapened.It just feels like no one cares.One of my friends seems like she`s nice, but then once you become best friends, you find her real side.She always complains, like once her parents were setting aside their work to take us to the pool.She complained saying"Hurry up!We need to lieve now!"She always thinks she`s in charge.I`m two years older and she bosses me around.At least I can get a little privacy when I finish my homework.I lock myself in my room and listen to the radio wile playing my DSI.It was a nice little hobby.It was a good way to relax and rewind a very hard day, at least untill my little brother, Jackson, comes in saying"Sissy can you help me on my game."And when I help him, it`s not like telling him somthing, I do it for him.Sure I had awsome friends like Annabelle, and Geri,Mckade, a guy that liked me in fith grade even.But they weren`t enough to fill in the large hole in my life.My parents dont understand what this feels like.My mom always says "Oh honey, it`s just your hormones acting up because of puperty."NO IT`S FREAKIN NOT!I needed to go somplace exciting, were adventures are everywere.But it`s to good to be true.

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