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My back sat against a tree as the cold rain poured on top of me through the branches.I stared at a picture of me snuggling up to my older brother.My brother was seven, I was five.We were tucked in our sleeping bags and the large chirstmas tree was lit in the background.The snow fell from the sky and clothes were scattered everywere.I believe a tear rolled down my cheek, but the rain made it hard to tell.Those were happy times, but now it`s just ruins in my heart, like it never exsisted.But it did.I looked up at the dark night sky and sighed."I have alot more miles to walk."I mutterd to myself.I walked
along muddy path as Lighting rolled across the sky and thunder ecoed in my ears.I hated the ran.It just reminded me of the tears I cried.The pain I felt.Everything I lost.
A young teenager sat on a large rock in the middle of a huge field.He was about eighteen.The boy had dirty blonde hair that covered his deep blue eyes some.He had tan skin, and he wore a green tunic with white leggings and a maching floppy hat.He watched as his horse galloped around.He glared up at the clear blue sky."It`s a beutiful day to be alive right now.Am I right Epona?" He asked his horse as if expecting an answer.She just nieghed and nodded her head.The boy chuckled to himself."Hey Link."Called out a cheerful voice.The boy turned around finding a red headed girl.She had long hair and light blue eyes.She had tan skin and wore a tanish shirt tucked in a pink skirt to her ankels."Oh, hey Malon.Whats up?"
"Nothing.Just thought I`d say hi before heading to the castle."She sighed."It`s such a beutiful day."
"I wish it`d just stay like this but it`s suposed to rain tomorrow."
"Well, I`d better go before the milk turns sour."
"Bye, Malon."
"Bye, Link."They waved as the girl picked two baskets full of milk jars and started for the castle.Link glanced at the forest then the sky.Soon his stomach rumbled.

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