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She sat in the darkness of the corner, holding her knees to her chest rocking back and forth."He`s gone.She killed him."She had tears coming down her face."Why, why my love.No, no, NO!"She looked down at the lifless body."I will soon be with you my beloved."She stumbled to her feet and grabbed a bloody knife off the table.She slit her arm and blood poured out as she fell to the floor, dead.
"No, Ginger, why`d you do that?"Cacilia scremed at the tlivision."I sound like Granny.Thats what I get for letting my mom talk me into watching soap opras."She shrugged and ate some popcorn from the bowl.Her parents were gone on a buisness party untill twelve and her brother was on a date, problbly seducing her, she thought.As the credits rolled she climbed off the couch and the wool blanket fell off.She yawned and put the bowl of popcorn down on the kitchen table."Gosh, that movie was what, five hours and ended with the main character dieing?I`m gonna stick with comedies and romance."She stumbled up the stairs and in her room.She layed her head down on the pillow and drifted to sleep.
Cecilia`s eyes shot open.What`s that thumping sound?She thought.She threw the blankets off and startled her cat."Sorry Juiley."Cecilia grabbed her stuffed dog thinking she could knock someone cold"Seriously?I need more sleep."She threw the dog and grabbed her softball trophy.Cecilia creped down stairs and saw a figure in the backyard.She slowly walked to the door and found it open.Cecilia tripped on a rock trying to get a better look.Apperently the beast heard because he charged at her with his club and Cecilia rolled and jumped up behind him."Take this jackass."His head met with a shovel and he fell to the ground.Cecilia sighed and spotted a colorful stone."Hello"She said to the stone, picking it up.It flashed white and everything whent black.

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