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The orange school bus stopped in front of a fairly large yellow house.The doors opened and a girl with pale, shinny, violet eyes, tan skin, a fairly built body, and light brown, soft hair.She had a neon yellow sphagette strap dress that was like a dress going to her mid-thy.A mini jean skirt peeked out from under the shirt with black leggings tucked in black snow boots.Her hair was in a high ponytail and had a golden necklice with a horse.On her back, she had a plaid pink and black book bag that was stuffed."Good mornin' miss Abby"
"Mornin' Mrs.Deb."
"How was your vacation?"
"Too short, yet, it was fun."
"Great"The girl turned and walked down the aisle to seat number eleven."Abby!"
"Nat!"Abbigail sat in the same seat as a girl her age.She had black hair, dark, brown eyes, plale skin.She was very fit and wore a blue tee with shorts and tennishoes."So, how was your summer?"Abbigail asked her friend"Well, I guess it was alright.If you call spending your hole summer at your boring grandmother`s."She said a bit irritated."Well, mine wasn`t really bad.We whent to Pannama city again this year.And every Sunday we`d go swimming at our uncle`s.Jeremy brought his friend once."
"Was he cute?"
"I guess you could say that"The two girls chatted about boys, shoes, the uasual girl stuff.They came to the end of a subdivision and at a new stop.A boy and a girl stepped on.The boy seemed to be their age but the girl seemed to be a freshman, as they were seniors.The boy had eyes that shined like saphirres, tan skin, a musculer body, sandy hair that was tied in a short ponytail, and had a green tee shirt, light blue jeans, and green tennishoes.The girl looked like his sister.Same hair, eyes, but had on a hot pink button down shirt, light pink skirt going to her knees, and light pink flipflops."Who`re they?"
"I...dont know"Abbigail stared at the boy as he handed Mrs.Deb a piece of paper and made his way to the back.

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