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Dark walked through the vast fields of Hyrule, sweat running down his brow.He looked back behind him a few times to make sure he wasnt following him.He ran a hand through his black hair and sighed.His breathing increased and he felt a strange pain in his chest.He held his hair with both hands and felt to his knees.He could easily hear his heart pound in his chest."W-what is happening to me?"He barly wispered.The pain grew bigger and bigger until it was agonizing.He scremed in pain until his vision became black.
Dark shot up.Cold sweat ran down his pale face and his chest moved up and down with his rapid breathing.He was in his apparment on the couch.He sighed and looked at his clock."Oh shit!I`m gonna be late for Zelda`s ball!"Zelda was holding a ball for her and Link`s daughter`s, Catilyn`s, fith birthday.Everyone in the kingdom was invited, but Dark was a friend so he was definetly invited.He scrambled to his bedroom and grabbed his red tunic that was outlined in gold.After tieing his boots and brushing out his hair, he grabbed his coat and locked his aparment dor behind him.He ran down the streets, the dead leaves crunching under his wieght.Once he came to the gate, he was kinda surprised to see it opened, though, everyone was invited.He entered the castle`s lobby and speed walked down many corridors.Finally, he made it to large oak doors.He could hear laughing and music and talking on the other side so he pushed the doors open and manuverd his way through the crowd.He spotted Link talking to somebody and walked closer.The person was a girl.She had long, fiery, red hair, bangs puled back, icy blue eyes, a slight tan and muscle and she wore a light blue spegheti strap dress going to her mid-shin.Black, flat heeled, shoes covered her feet and a golden horse necklice sparkled around her neck."Oh, Dark.I didnt see you there."Link said, spotting his friend."This is Malon.She`s the ranch owner`s daughter."

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