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Angela`s eyes shot open and she threw off the silk blakets.She rushed to her desk and grabbed a leather bag.She wrote down something on a piece of paper and started to put her diary, her favorite pen, and her dagger.She bottoned her bag up and opened her window.She had been planing to leave for the past three hours, so she told her parents she was going to bed so they wouldn`t bother her and she thought about were`d she go.In that brief time, she changed into more comfortible clothes.Her light jeans, white tangtop, her black boots, and her hair was braided with a white ribbon.She stuck one foot out the window, then the other until she was standing on her balcony.She would have gone through the door, but that was in the hallway.She looked at the gards and figured she`d use her inhiereted magic to make herself invisible.She closed her eyes and wisperd a spell.Her body turned transparent and she skitted to the edge and practically jumped off.Angela was holding on the ledge.She turned her head and saw some sterdy vines.She moved her hands and grabbed the vines.She slowly, and carfully, climbed down.Once on her feet, she made a run for the gate but a stone stopped her.She tumbled to the ground with a thud, and the stone rolled into a gard`s foot."What the-"
"Oh crap."She mumbled and gently got up and tipped toed towrd the gate.She made it to the small cliff and slid down.She smiled successfully and cotnued to castle town.She walked down the streets and watched the barking dogs gracfully.A small dog ran towrd her and into her.Then she relised she was still invisable.The dog looked up confused.Angela smacked her forehead and wisperd"Duh"Her body gained it`s own color again and she petted the dogs head.The dog saw her and wagged his tail.She ruffled his hair one last time and started out of town.

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