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I sat on my plush king sized bed, looking out my window at the stars.I loved the stars, they seemed to be the only thing that didnt hurt me.I jumped when the door creped open.Darel stepped in and locked the door behind him.He sat down next to me and placed his hand on my inner thigh.I sighed"Please, let`s just get this over with."
"Very well then"He turned my head to face him and slipped off my tee-shirt and shorts.He undid my bra and threw it to the floor.Darel cupped my breast and caressed it.He sucked and nibbled on my nipple for a while before slipping my painties off.He looked at my vagina and sank to his knees.He put his face in between my thighs and tuck his tounge in side me.I wimperd some as he buried his tounge deeper.He swished his tounge around and tasted the salty juices.After an agonizing few minuetes of this, he finally pulled out and stood up.He forced me to my knees and took his boxers off.He pushed his throbbing hard on in my mouth and I felt so ashamed.He thrusted in and out faster and faster.I gagged a few times and he reached his climax.His sperm squirted down my throat.He pulled his crotch out and set me down on the bed, legs spread apart.He aimed his manhood towrd my vagina and thrust it in quickly.I scremed in pain and he drove in faster.I yelped and wimperd and he laughed.He finally climaxed again and fell down onto the bed.He gatherd his clothes and dressed.Darel smiled wikidly before leaving me hopelessly in my room.I stumbled to my bathroom and started the shower.I stepped in and let the warm water spray my face.I washed my hair with my vinilia sented shampoo and body wash and climbed out.Wrapping my towel around my body, I blow dryed my blonde hair and braided it.I dressed in clean pajamas and laid down in my bed, looking out the window one last time before falling asleep.

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