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The sound of lockers shutting, boys flirting with girls, unfortunite dudes getting shoved in lockers, and other sounds of high school.Yes, high school.The deadliest of all places to be.But Link Courage was surviving.He was the 'popular' dude, but he wasn`t mean, that was Dark Shadow, Ganon Power, Vaati Itaav, and Zant Twilight.Link had alot of girls falling head over heals for him.To bad he was takin.Link dated the most 'popular' but once again nice, girl, Zelda Hyrule.Her father was very wealthy.Link was the qaurterback on the football team along side his best friend, Shiek Hyrule, Zelda`s brother.But, of corse, he had to have a neardy friend.Kafei Dotour wasn`t 'neardy' he was just freakishly smart.Sheik was dating one of Zelda`s friends, Malon Lonlon and Kafei had a crush on another one of her friends, Anju Stock.The 'mean girls' of the school were led by none other than Midna Twili.She was Dark`s girlfriend.Her friends Tetra Hyrule, Zelda`s and Shiek`s sister and Zant`s girlfriend, Naburoo Spirtit, Ganon`s girlfriend, and finally Ruto Zora, Vaati`s girlfriend.Anywho, Link closed his locker to see Zelda smiling widely at him."Hey, Linkie."She giggled a little
"Hey, Zel, whats up?"
"Oh, nothing, just wanted to see you.That`s all."
"Really, that`s all?"Link could always tell when somthing was on her mind."What is, Zel?"
"Okay, so there`s this dance coming up..."
"So, any plains near the dance?"
"Nope."She smiled
"Then, I`ll pick you up at nine."He threw his bookbag over his sholder and pecked her on the lips before the bell rang and he whent off to homeroom.He sat down at his desk in the midle of the room and Sheik sat down next to him.Kafei sat on the other side of Link."Guys, most likely not but it`s worth asking, did you study for our science test today?"Kafei asked, already knowing the answer"Oh, hell no.I took Malon out last night."Sheik answered"No, I totally forgot."
"Well, good luck."

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