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I stood by the window of the tower Ganondorf had locked me in and watched the spirits of twilight float around.I knew they were Hyleans that had no clue what their princess was up to.Twilight was a cruel place for the light beings and I was defenceless here.I wasn`t able to use my power to get away, but even so, they`d burn Hyrule to the soal.And I couldn`t let that happen.That is why I surrendered instead of fighting in a battle that could not be won.By us at least.I heard the door creek open and thought, They`re early.I didn`t turn around, just stod there, until I heard growling."Huh?"I turned around to face a blue eyed beast with an imp on his back.He stopped growling and he looked really cute."Midna.Everyone is searching for you.Why is this?"I asked the imp
"I don`t know.You tell me.Hee-hee"her laugh was iritating.
"Is this the one you were looking for?"I asked.
"He`s not much, but I guess he`ll just have to do for now."I looked down at his paw to find a broken chain"You were imprisoned.I am truely sorry.You see, this once used to be the golden land of Hyrule before darkness grew eager for power."I started.

A few days earlier, I was standing in front of my throne with my sword pointing to the floor.The bravest Hylean gards in all Hyrule suronded the room, but they weren`t enough.Black smoke shot in through the entrance and Black monsters followed, attacking the gards, stomping on them, choking them.It was to mucch to bare.I gulped as a figure of a man stepped out of the smoke."This is the time"He started"to choose.Die or surrender."I gulped again and dropped my thin but deadly sword.I knew that this darkness couldn`t be fought by just me and my very few living or noninjured gards.That was it.I had surrendered.And now I was held hostage in a tower waiting for a miricle.But my miricle was right in front of me.

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