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Her eyes opened wide as the docter spanked her to get her to cry.She cried.Doris held her new born baby close and sighed at how adorable she was.She had her mother`s blonde hair and green eyes.Her husband had died at war and she had to raise her child by herself."I think I`ll name her....Tracey.Tracey Peterson."Hailey Hairison, was now Tracey Peterson."That`s a wonderful name, Ms. Peterson."The docter agreed"Thank you"Doris smiled as she watched her curious baby look around. Tracey walked home, books clunched close to her stomach.It had been another long day at school today.The seventh grade wasn`t really as hard as she thought it would.Really, she thought it`d be harder than college.Tracey opened the door and walked in."Hey, Trace.How was school today?"Doris asked"Same old, same old." "Still boring?" "Boring is an understatment."
"Hey, this year will fly by and once you get to highschool, you`ll wish this year would have never ended."
"Right,"Tracey, sarcastically, agreed. "Mom, can I ask you something?" "Of corse." "Is it possible to die, then be reborn and still remember your passed life?"She asked.She still remembered everything from before.The crash, her forgetful family, and the girl.Where was the girl anyways?Tracey thought."I don`t think it is.Why?" "Oh, this boy at school, he said his family could see someone elses past but as themselves.Wierd, huh?" "Yeah.But I don`t think it`s possible."She was wrong.It was possible.

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