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Tracey walked to school again.She just stared at the sidwalk as she walked but her staring stopped as soon as she bumped into someone.Tracey fell and shook her head"Sorry.I wasn`t watching where I was..."She stopped when she saw who she ran into.It was the girl who started everything."I`ve been waiting for you ya know."
"Really?For twelve years and then some?"
"Yup.But now you must come with me."
"What about school?"
"Don`t worry, I`ve handled that."She grabbed Tracey`s wrist and dragged her into the woods."Where are we going?"She yelled.
"To Hyrule!"The girl said as she jumped into a ravean."WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!!"Tracey screamed as the plumeted to the ground.Tracey shut her eyes and fell...asleep?

When Tracey came to, she found herself in a temple."Freakin' gravity."She mumbled as she picked herself up off the ground.When her vision cleared, she saw a man at the entrance staring at her."Hailey?"
"Ummm, acually, now it`s Tracey, not Hailey anymore."
"Well, you see.Hailey...died."
"What?She died?But, how?"
"She was shot.But then she was reborn and now here I am.I`m basically Hailey but reborn into a different body."
"Yup.Don`t worry, I still remember everything.Like when we helped save Hyrule!"Wait, I didn`t remember that.Did I?She thought.
"Oh, well you missed mine and Zelda`s wedding you know.You left before I could tell you we were getting married.And Zelda wanted you to be her bridesmaid."

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