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It was Wedsday, the sun shined through the windows and onto my back, warming me up as I closed my locker.I grasped my books and walked outside, being greeted by several classmates."Hey, Jackson, wait up."I caught up to my best friend and we walked together.That is, until I landed on my butt after walking into the hottest guy in school.Tyler.He was quarterback of the school`s football team and he used to date the head cheerleader."Oh, I`m so sorry."
"It`s okay.Say, your Samantha, right?"
"Cool, you wanna go see a movie Friday?"
"Yeah, that`d be great."
"Great, I`ll pick you up then."Once Tyler had left, Jackson became annoyed by my admiration."Pfft, he`s just a show off."
"Your just jealous." "Why would I be?He`s a jerk." "Jackson, be nice.He`s not a jerk." "He`s had like twelve girlfriends in the past two months.He`s a jerk." "Mabye he just hasn`t found the right girl yet." "Sure."We contenued walking and talking, mostly about how mean Cara is and how Mrs. Tomson is too strict and unfair."Mrs. Tomson needs to get a boyfriend, then mabye she wouldn`t be so mean." "I dunno, she might even be mean then."Jackson stated.

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