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Have you ever felt so mad, that you lost total control over what you said and did?"I hate you!"That you spilled secret feelings you had hidden from the world?"You don't even care!"That you just couldn't take it any/ longer?"I've had it!I don't belong here!"That's how I felt the night my twisted and cruel worlld turned upside down.It didn't start out so bad, but once my mom came home, I couldn't blame my brothers for hidding in their room.I was sitting on the couch when my mom came to me and sighed, "Your so lazy.Why don't you get up and acually do something."

"I am doing something.I'm watching tv.It is a phisical activity ya know."

"Don't smart talk me.Get up and go do the dishes."She comanded.

"You can't tell me what to do, I'm not a kid."

"You are in this household."

"No I'm not!"I started yelling at her, wich ended up with her yelling at me.It pretty much contenued that way untill I got really mad."I hate you!You never listen!"

"Go to your room now!"

"You don't even care!You've always cared more about them,"I pointed to my brothers," than me!"

"Well, I'm sorry you think that."

"I've had it!I don't belong here!"

"Then where do you belong?"

"Not here!"I stormed off to my room and looked at my suitcase on the floor, then at the window."What do I have to lose."I shrugged.I grabbed my case and filled it up with my most loved possesions and grabed my jacket, pulled on my boots, grabbed my mice cage and slowly climbed out the window.

I had been running for almost an hour before I stopped at a diner.I sat down in a booth and placed a blanket over my mice cage whispering to my two mice, "Shush, be quite for mama."I looked up and saw  a woman holding a note pad."What will it be, ma'am?" I looked around and responded,"Oh, um, coffee, please."She left and I sat back in my seat.Was it right to run away?I thought to myself.Well, I can't go back now.My thoughts were innterupted by the waitress placing my coffee in front of me."That'll be $5.99."I handed her six dollars and she left me with my cup.The night was almost as black as my coffee.Why did I get black coffee?I asked myself.I don't even like coffee.I guess I wanted this to be like the movies.Then I remembered what my brother did at karate camp one summer.I grabbed alot of sugar and cream and started pouring it in my coffee.He was right, it did taste like hot chocolate.I gulped it down and glanced outside.I saw a boy around my age running on the side walk.He looked scared, but the thing I noticed most, he wore really wierd things.A green tunic, a floppy matching hat, and a sword.How uses a swords these days.Everyone has guns.But i forgot about that when I saw how much he was hurt.He had slices all over his body and a few gashes.He ran out on the road and ran into a car.I gasped and ran out of the diner.I kneeled next to him and tried to see if he was still a live.He had a pulse so I started calling out for a medic or docter or somthing.Finally an ambulance came.

The boy's eyes fluttered open and he looked around the room."W-what happened?wh-where am I?"Then his eyes widened and he sat up."Where did he go?"

"Who?Well, whatever, I'm Hailey, and you passed out last night after you got hit by a car."He looked at me wierd.

"I have to leave, I have to get back to Hyrule."

"What are you talking about?"He pulled out a small wind instrument and started playing a soft tune.I felt mesmerised by the melody as i heard thye door open and the doctor who just stared at the strange instument.Once he was done, both of us were engulfed in a white light.Once it cleared up, we were gone and the doctor nearly passed out.

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