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Jeulietta woke up with one arm over Link's chest.Her back was hurting and she saw a pile of her clothes near by."What have I done?"She sat up and turned her head around.Everyone was still asleep.She gently stood up and pulled her clothes on.She tied her shoes and turned to make one last look at Link before running away.She kept running and running.She had no intention to stoip until she reached her apartment.She had known it would happen eventually.She was too weak to hold back.She had lost the fight, the battle, and the war.She made a turn through Lost woods until she made it to the apartment door. Zelda was sitting on the couch with Ifor's head in her lap.Ifor sat up and Looked at Jeulietta standing there, covering her face, and sobbing.Ifor stood up and walked over to her."What's wrong?"
"I-I messed up.I messed up big."

Link was sitting on the ground where the fire was and looked at the ground.He had woken up this morning and Jeulietta was gone.He hoped she hadn't gotton hurt, or worse.Last night was his fault.He could've stopped if he wanted to, but, something willed him not to.He hated himself for doing that to Jeulietta.He heard the guys talking behind him."Hey, Link, you okay?"Link shook his head.
"No.No, I'm not okay.I just made the worst dicission in my life."
"You blew things with your visitor?"
"Yeah.I...I'm an idiot."
"Well, you'll just have to hang in there.We still have alot of fighting ahead of us.We can't do it without you."Link closed his eyes and sighed.
"Yeah, I know."He stood up and turned to the others.He followed the group and grabbed his weapons out of the tent.He rushed to catch up and saw an army of villians in Hyrule field, just waiting to be slaughtered.Link smiled to himself, trying to forget about what had happened last night.He pulled out his sword and, as they came closer, he got ready to swip his blade through their bodies.

It had been weeks, almost a month since she had last seen Link.She had been sick for days, throwing up and tired like she hadn't had sleep in years.Her mother, Kristy, and Maddie were over today.She was lying on the couch with her mother's hand on her forhead.Kristy was sitting on the loveseat.Zelda, Maddie and Ifor were on the floor, playing a game of Monopoly."I wonder what could be wrong."Nancy, their mother, whispered.
"Mommy, does Auntie Jeuly have a tummy ache?"
"Yes, Dear."
"Oh, those are mean."Jeulietta sat up and smiled.
"I'm alright, everyone.Problably just a virus or somethin'.It'll go away in a matter of days."
"Jeuly, you've been sick for two weeks.The longest you've ever been sick was two days.If you're not better soon, I'm taking you to the..."Jeulietta held her hand up.
"Hold that thought."She raced to the bathroom in the hallway and sank to her knees.Sh gripped the edge of the toilit as a wave of vomit came over her.She threw up three more times and stood up, her body shaking.She grabbed some toilit papper and whipped her mouth, tossing it in and flushing the toilit.She stumbled to the living room and saw her mother and sister with their purses and the keys to Nancy's car."Get in the car."
"Maddie, you stay here with Zelda and Ifor, okay, sweatie?"
"Yeah, Mommy!"

Jeulietta sat next to her mother in the waiting room.Finally a nurse entered and announced,"Jeulietta?"
"Yes, that's me."Jeulietta stood and followed the nurse to a room where a doctor stood with latex gloves and the face mask.Her hair pulled back into a ponytail.
"Okay, we're going to do a series of tests to see what the problem is."
"Test?Like what?"
"Like for HIV, cancer..."
"Just in case.I highly doubt it will be cancer, but, just in case, i's a whol;e lot better to catch it sooner."Jeulietta nodded as entered this other room.

"So, umm, do I have...cancer?"Jeulietta walked out of the room and turned to the doctor.
"I don't think so, but we'll know for sure in three to four days.Can you see me on Wedsday?"She pulled her gloves off.
"Yes."Jeulietta did one small nod.

Once again, Jeulietta was in the docter's office, sitting in the char in front of desk.Jeulietta had her hands folded in her lap.She was worried though she had said she most likly didn't have cancer.the door at the other end opened and the doctor sat down at her desk."What are the results?"Jeulietta asked, eager to see if there was anything wrong with her.
"Well, you dopn't have cancer, nor are you HIV-positive.And all the other tests are negative as well."Jeulietta let out a breathe she hadn't known she was holding in.She didn't have anything wrong with her."But,"Jeulietta froze.But?What, but?"there is one more test I'd like to try."
"W-What test is it?"
"A pregnancy test."Jeulietta had never considered if she was pregnaght or not.The doctor motioned for her to follow in the bathroom where she'd take the test.

Jeulietta walked in the waiting room where her mother and Kristy were waiting for her.Her mother stood up and hugged her."What's wrong?"Jeulietta's face was flushed.She just stared out in olblivious and tears welled up in her eyes.
"Mom, I'm....pregnant."They both gasped.
"What?"Kristy stood.
"Who...who's the father?"Jeulietta looked at her mother with fear in her eyes.
", Mom."She turned her gaze to the tyled floor"I'm sorry.I messed up."
"That's why you haven't visited him in so long."Kristy placed her manicured hand on her sister's sholder.Jeulietta nodded and sobbed.
"I was afraid.Afraid what he'd say."
"Oh, baby, it's alright."Her mother rubbed her hand up and down Jeulietta's back, in effort to comfort her now crying daughter.

Link thought about her every minuete of the day.It had been so long since then, and yet it felt like it was yesterday.Every night, he had dreamt of her, feeling her touch as if she was right there, sleeping by his side.He could sometimes hear her voice in the middle of battles, giving him words of encouragment or telling him to be careful.It was the only thing that kept him going.Kept him fighting for his kingdom.Where was she?Was she thinking of him every day like he was?She wasn't with another man, was she?Had she decided to forget about him?No.She wouldn't do that to him, right?The questions echoed in his head.He and the rest of the men were walking up to the battle field.Supposivly, they were winning, but he thought it was only to encourage the others.The group stopped and got ready for the long battle ahead.He pulled out his sword and held his shield tighter in his right hand.His friend, Jalen, smiled at him from beside him."Hey, I got a feelin' this'll be a good one."
"Why's that?"Link glanced at him.
"No clue.But, it's in my gut, and you know what I always say about my gut-"
"Yeah, yeah.I know.'Your guts always right long as you feed it.'"Link rolled his eyes.Jalen chuckled and patted his stomach.He certainly fed his gut, sometimes a little too much.They both turned their heads when they heard battle cries.Jalen smiled and showed off his rotting teeth.Though he wasn't much for caring for his body, he was great at fighting.Link and him had easily became friends, having so much in common.He, too, had had a lonely and painful childhood.No one he met could relate to him like Jalen could.He was glad to have a friend like him."Let's get this party started!"Jalen was never afraid during battle.He had had enough experience in battle to be so hard to scare.Link had asked him about it once.His friend just smiled and replied,"Link, buddy, we're all gonna die someday.It could be tomorrow, today.Heck, it could've been yesterday for all we know.But the trick is to live life like your dying.Like you only have a matter of seconds to live, and you go from there."His words still stayed with Link.But he wanted to do something before he died.He wanted to be with Jeulietta.Hold her and ask her to forgive him for what he'd done.He could never die without the answers.Not until he knew how Jeulietta had felt of him."Link!Link!Watch out!"He snapped back to reality and saw Jalen jump in front of him and cut a stalfos in half.He turned to him."What's up?You never space out during a battle."
"I-I guess I miss her more each day."
"Jeulietta?The girl you always mumble about in your sleep?"
"Yeah."Another stalfos came over and they snapped into action, breaking it's bones apart.Hour after hour, the fiends kept coming.It was starting to get dark when he heard a familiar scream not far away."Jalen!"Adreniline corsed through his veins and he rushed to find his friend.He finally found his bleeding body on the ground.He kneeled beside him."Jalen."Jalen slowly turned his head.He was smiling.
"I think this is it for me, buddy.I've lived all I could, now, I get to live a more peacful life for my retirment."He had always said living was like your job, and dieing is your retirment.
"No, Jalen, you can't leave us.We all need you."
"No, they need you.Your the Hero of Time, aren't you.Heck, ya'll can win this war without me.I tried my best and-"He closed his eyes, the life fading from his face.-"I gave this kingdom all I could.I'm happy to say I've lived an exciting."
"I agree.I would've loved to live like you, Jalen.Didn't have a worry in the world."Jalen made a weak chuckle and opened his eyes.
"I don't have a reason to live any longer.But, Link, you do.You have a wonderful woman at home just waiting for you."
"How do you know?What if she's moved on?"
"Trust me, buddy, she misses you and she'd do anything to be with you right now.Fight in this war for her, for the whole kingdom..."He smiled and closed his dark blue eyes again,"for me...."He exhaled and leaned his head back."This is it, my friend.I'll see you on the other side."His body became colder than before and a tear fell to Link's cheek.
"I'll surely miss you, Jalen.Good-bye, my friend."

She could hear his soothing voice and his touch felt like velvet on her skin.He was standing there, smiling at her, giggling with her...loving with her.He had a blanket in his arms, but it was hard to see what color it was.She guessed it was pink.She walked closer and saw a baby girl with a fuzzy, blonde head and bright, big green eyes.She was the cutest baby she had ever seen.She looked up at him and giggled."She's so cute.I love her."
"Yes, me too.And I love you too."
"I love you too, Link."At that moment, she opened her eyes.Her mother was sitting on the edge of her bed.
"Honey, I made some spaghetti.Would you like some?"Jeulietta sat up and her memory came back to her.She had taken a nap.
"So, it was just a dream."
"What was?"
"N-nothing."She thought about Link.His smile.His eyes.Everything.Because she loved everything about him."Mom, I have to go see Link.To tell him about the baby."Her mother stared at her for a minuete.
"A-are you sure, Dear?"She took her oldest daughter's hand in her's.
"Mom, I've never been more sure bout anything in my life.Please."
"What about the war?"
"Kristy can come with me."Her mother sighed.
"I guess, but promise me that you'll be carefull."
"Of course."Jeulietta stood up and hugged her mother."Thank you, Mom."


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