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Jeulietta woke up and sat up.She yawned and stretched her arms out, slipping put from under her covers and put her feet on the cold, wooden floor.She stood and stumbled down the hallway, pouring some milk in a glass.She brought the glass to her lips and sipped some.She heard the mailman and looked out the window.She placed her glass down and pulled her arms through the sleves of her robe.She opened her door and walked down the stairs leading to her mailbox.Light filled the box and she looked inside.Inside was a yellow rose that almost seemed to be sparkling.She took it out and held it in her han, examining the flower.After a while, she felt diffedrent.She heard a twig snap in the woods in the back of the apartment building and twirled around.She saw something in there.It was almost like an invisible doorway, with blurred colors.Normally, she would shrug it off and walk away, but she felt curious as to what it was.She walked over to it and studied it some more.She felt a cool breeze brush locks off her sholders and to her back.Jeulietta stuck her hand in front of it and touched it with her finger.Her finger semed to disapear and she pulled away quicklly.She thought about it again and stuck her whole hand inside.She felt something touch her hand.It felt like someone else's hand.It grabbed her hand gently and let go.Jeulietta tried to step closer, but tripped and fell all the way through.She closed her eyes, not knowing what she'd fall on and made a small yelp.She felt a softer landing than she had expected and opened her eyes.The first thing she saw was a pair of deep, blue eyes like the color of the ocean they'd visit every summer as a child.She stared at the man she had fallen on as he did the same.Her face turned a bright shade of red when she found out what she was doing.She looked away and muttered"S-Sorry."She climbed off of him and turned around, seeing the portal thing."Where am I?"He stood up and brushed his hands on his leggings."Well, right now your in the Lost Woods."Jeulietta looked at him.He was taller than her by almost twenty inches with sandy hair covering his forehead.She felt the rose in her hand and put it in front of her face to see that the yellow petals were now red."I could've sworn this was yellow a minuete ago..."she scratched her head and looked around.It was dark out, like it was night.But it was just morning.The man looked at the still sparkling rose and furrowed his brow."Let me see that..."jeulietta handed it to him.He studied the red plant and gasped."What?"jeulietta asked curious at what it was.
"It's a Goddess rose.They say that the Goddesses planted them in the secretist of places in Hyrule.They're very rare.Where did you find this?"
"My mailbox."
"Really?That's odd.These flowers bring their holder's curiousity and they change their color according to the holder's mood.They're also said to bring you to your destiny."He looked at her looking around the forest."Seems like your destined to be here."
"What?But, I have a case to do and what about my mom and my sister Kristey?"The man chuckled.
"That doesn't mean you can't go back, but apperently your destined to be here right now."She sighed in defeat.
"But, what are you doing here anyways?"
"I was looking for something I had dropped here this morning.Though, I have to hurry back."
"An hour or so ago I found this kid being chased by wolfos in the field.He is very sick, so I'm going to take him to Princess Zelda tomorrow morning and see what she thinks."jeulietta could see the sadness in his eyes as he spoke.
"Can I see him?I got strait A's in Health through out school.Mabye I can help."
"Mabye.Hey, do think that's why the rose brought you here?"She shrugged.
"Perhaps."She smiled at him."By the way, I'm Jeulietta."
"I'm Link."

Link opened his door and light filled the small home.He saw Ifor on his bed in the back room as he entered.His chest rose and fell in a steady pattern to his breathing.As Jeulietta came up behind, he saw a few droplets of sweat run down his head."That's Ifor."
"Ifor."The name seemed so familiar to her.She walked over to the bed and sat down on the side.She placed a gentle hand on his warm forehead."He's steaming.I think he might have a fever."He coughed softly and stirred in his sleep."What happend to him?"
"Apperently he was a slave since birth."
"By his parents?"She looked at Link, concern written all over her face.She really cares for him, doesn't she?He thought to himself."No, by his kiddnapper."
"He was kiddnapped?That's horrible."She looked back at the child and sighed."Poor thing.He's problibly terrified."She looked back at the rose she had found in her mailbox.It was blue now.She was sad for Ifor so blue must mean sadness.She toom the rose and put it in the boy's hand and it turned black."What does black mean?"
"I don't know, but I have a feeling it's not very good."

Link had told Jeulietta he'd be asleep on the sofa if she needed him.He'd only get a couple hours of sleep, much less than he needs, but he was used to it from his past adventures.Usually, he'd get little, if any, sleep when he was saving somewhere or someone from trouble.He awoke with the soft sounds of someone humming a melody.It took him a while for his memory to clear and remember what had happned last night.About Ifor and Jeulietta.He sat up and looked around.The melody reminded him of his mother.Or at least what he could remember of her.He rned his head to his coffee table in front of him and looked at a picture he kept.It was a photo of his parents and him in his mother's arms.he took the picture in his hand and pulled it closer to his face.He stared at it for a moment and remembered what he was told so many years before on his first adventure."Your village was attacked by Gerudos a year after your birth.Your father stayed in the village to help protect other's while your mother escaped with you.She was badly injured on her way to the Kokiri forest and died shortly after pleeding the Deku Tree to take you in as a Kokiri.The Great Deku Tree sensed great destiny in your future and acceptaed her pleed."Link felt a tear roll down his cheek and onto the black and white photograph he had had for as long as he could remember.Jeulietta came over and sat down next to him, placing her hand on his sholder."You missing someone?"She asked in a hushed tone.
"Yeah.They died when I was a baby."He whiped his single tear away with his finger.
"My father died when I was seven.He was killed in action after going to war."She sighed."When my brother turned twenty, his cancer kicked in and he died."
"You seem to have been through quite a bit."
"Yeah."Link looked at her as she lifted her head.Their eyes locked for a moment.Link could've sworn he saw something soft and loving in her eyes, but she turned away before he could make sure.Ifor coughed harshly and Jeulietta rushed to his side.Link sighed and stood.He walked to the bedroom and saw Jeulietta's hand on his forehead."He's stilll burning up, Link.What do we do?"
"I'll take himto Zelda.She'll know what to do.Do you want to come?"
"I can't.I have to get back to my apartment before my sister comes.I promised her we'd go shopping."
"Okay."There was a brief silence.
"W-will I ever see you again?"She was a bit shy about asking, but it came out of her mouth before she could reconsider.Link looked at his end table and opened the drawer.He took out a blue stone wrapped in string and handed it to her."We can use this to comunicate."
" is a rock."She looked at it in her hand.It glistend in the dim light.
"You'll see."Link made a quick laugh and turned to Ifor who was now standing by Jeulietta's side.
"Are you leaving?"He asked her in an innocent voice."What if something happens to me?What if I'm sick?Please don't go."His eyes touched Jeulietta's soul, but she promised her sister.
"I'm sorry, Ifor.I have to."Ifor frowned."But,"He looked up."I'll come back as soon as I can.Okay?"
"Kay."He smiled."Am I going to be fine?"Jeulietta glanced at Link.
"Yes, Ifor.You're going to be fine.I'll make sure you're okay.I promise."Link answered.Jeulietta smiled at him and squated down to Ifor's hieght.
"Don't worry.I'll be back as soon as possible."
"Hurry back, please."She smiled at the child and stood.She headed to the door and turned, taking in the sight of her new friends."Good bye, Link.Bye Ifor."
"Bye."Link waved as she opened the door and left.

Kristy turned her key and shut the engine off as she opened the door of her light blue corvet.She stepped out and straitened her colorful sun dress.She turned to her car and locked it with her key before walking towards the apartment buildings.Kristy placed her hand on her swollen stomach and smiled as she caught the stares of the young men across the streets.She could hear them whistle and she made sure her wedding ring could be seen.Though it was hard to miss with a dimond that big.She made her way up the stairs and to her sister's apartment.She knocked on her door and let herself in."I'm here!"She came in and saw a yellow rose on the table next to a necklice with a pretty stone."Ooh,"She admired the objects when she heard foot steps and her sister came down the hall wrapped in a towel."Oh, Kristy.Your a bit early aren't you?"
"No.Acually, I'm almost ten minuetes late.Are you okay?If not, we can go shopping tomorrow."
"No, I'm okay.I've just been through alot this morning.More than you could imagine."
"Okay, well you go get dressed."
"Yeah."She whent back into her bathroom to change while Kristy sat down on her bed.
"What exactly happened this morning, anyways?And what's up with the rose and stone?"Jeulietta thought for a second."Oh, nothing, just whent to a whole different world and met a guy and a little boy who seems awfully sick."Yeah, like Kristy would believe me.She thought."Umm, nothing.I just woke up late and almost missed the garbage truck."
"How's Joseph and Maddie doing?"
"Great.Maddie got an A on her math test, so Joseph and I are thinking of taking her to Olive Garden tomorrow."
"Ooh, she loves Olive Garden."
"Yep, but she doesn't know yet.So if you happen to see her before then, don't mention it."
"Of course not.Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise."She stepped out of the bathroom and turned to her side in front of the mirror.She wore a black t-shirt and her skinny jeans with black converse she found in her closet."How do I look?"

Zelda placed her hand on Ifor's forehead much like jeulietta had done this morning and last night."Ifor, your burning up."
"Is that bad?"ifor asked, a tinge of worry in his soft voice.
"I'm afraid it isn't good."
"Do you know what's wrong?"Link asked.
"Not yet..."She took Ifor's hand in her's and closed her blue eyes.She whispered some words Link couldn't understand and she started glowing.The glow traveled down her arm and to Ifor, making him glow.Ifor giggled."That tickles!"He whent into a laughing fit and Zelda smiled with her eyes still shut.But Zelda's smile soon faded when the glowing stopped.Ifor fell to the floor and recovered from his laughter.Zelda had a look of concern and opened her eyes after letting go of Ifor's hand."What's wrong?Am I sick?"
"Link, where did you say Ifor was from again?"
"Master Farian keeps us hidden and won't tell us where we live."Ifor looked at Zelda, then Link.
"Why?"Link asked, a bit confused.
"Ifor has a very, very rare disiese that only ones with great power can get.I had this as a small child.It's very dangorous if not treated carefully."Link looked at Ifor who already had tears welling up in his brown eyes.
"W-what about Jeulietta?"Ifor mumbled."Last night she asked me if I was hurting and I told her that I just feel bad.She told me that she was sick when she was little and she just felt bad too."
"Jeulietta?"Zelda looked at Link and furrowed her brow."Is that a new friend of your's?"
"Link, I'm scared.What if Master Farian finds me?W-will I die?"
"No, Ifor.I'll make sure he never lays another hand on you."Link assured the boy.
"Link, I miss Jeulietta.She used to make me smile when I was sad.Like when I told her about what happened to my friends.She was really sick.One day, I woke up, and she wasn't in the bed next to me.I asked Master Farian, but he said that we would never see her again because...because she.."He covered his face and shook his head as tears streamed down his face and a couple sobs broke free."She was found in her bed....dead."A few more sobs escaped as Link looked up at Zelda.Her mouth was covered by her gloved hands as a single tear rushed it's way down her own cheek.She had fear in her eyes as she listened to Ifor."She was my best friend I had.She always laughed with me and when I started to feel bad, she made me feel better.But when she...died...I felt even worse."
"That can happen when loved ones are hurt.The disiese doesn't just effect you phisically, but emotionally as well.When my mother died, I had gotton worse too."Zelda whiped her tear with her thumb.
"Zelda, Ifor, I'm going to find Farian and make him pay for what he's done."Link balled his hands into fists and gritted his teeth.
"Link, no.You'll get hurt."
"So, you just want us to sit around and watch while he goes around killing innocent children?"He raised his voice a bit with frustration.He saw the look on Zelda's face and calmed."I'm sorry.I-I didn't mean to yell like that."
"No, Link.You're right.If we don't stop him, more children could die."She looked down for a moment and looked up at Link."Link, do what you must.bring Farian here to be punished.I'll send some gaurds with you just in case.Ifor, stay here with me and rest."
"B-but I want to help Link."
"you can help him by getting better."Link kneeled down next to him and placed his hands on his sholders."Ifor, I'll contact Jeulietta and see if she can come back.But for now, you must rest.It's dangorous to be out in Hyrule with your condition."
"Yes, it's very dangorous."
"I'll catch the man who hurt you so he won't ever again.I promise."Ifor managed a sad smile and nodded.

Jeulietta looked at a shirt on the rack."Don't you think this looks cute?"
"It does.And it suits you too.You should buy it."
"I don't know, Kristy..."
"C'mon.You have those jeans that'd look so cute with it.It's even your size."
"Oh...okay, fine."She put the shirt over her arm and looked at some other ones, when she felt a vibration in her pocket.She touched the pocket and felt the outline of the stone."What's wrong, Jeuly?"
"umm, nothing."She contenued searching for shirts when she felt the vibration again."Uh, can you excuse me for a minuete.I'm going to the bathroom."
"Okay.I'll be right here."She walked away untill her sister was out of sight, then she dashed to the restrooms.She closed and locked the door behind her when she came to a stall.The stone still vibrated as she took it from her pocket.In her hand, it flashed and she clamped her eyes shut."Jeulietta?"It was Link's voice."Jeulietta, are you there?"
"Listen, you told Ifor that you were sick when you were younger, right, like he was?"
"Yeah.I had the same simptoms as he does.Why?"
"Zelda said he has a rare disiese that only ones with great power can get, even in  your world."
"The doctors did say they had never seen a disiese like mine.Wait...but..."
"but, I need you to come back to Hyrule."
"Now's not the best time.I'm at the mall with my sister."
"We need you, Jeulietta."
"Ifor is sick.You told him you'd come back if he needed you.He needs the comfort while I go find Farian."
"Ifor needs me?"
"Yes.He misses you, Jeulietta."Jeulietta thought for a second.I do miss Ifor.And...for some reason...I kind of miss Link too.
"Fine.I'll be there as soon as I can"She put the stone back in her pocket and unlocked the stall.She walked out to her sister who was insulting an ugly sweater."Who would even put this out in display.It's one of the most ugliest things I've ever seen."
"Umm, kristy, I need to get home.And quick."
"Why?Did you start your period already?"
"Uh, sure."

Kristy parked the car and Jeulietta climbed out after saying bye.She closed the door and turned around, waving at her.Kristy pulled away, but parked behind a car after Jeulietta jogged away by the side of her apartment building.Kristy quickly opened the door and ran after her.She peeked behind the building and saw Jeulietta walk through a transparent doorway.Kristy gasped and walked over to ita nd stuck her hand inside."Eww, it feels wierd."She pulled her hand back and muttered."If Jeuly can do it, then I can."She stuck her hand in, and took in a deep breathe before her body was ingulfed in the slimy-looking stuff.

Jeulietta opened her eyes to find herself in the woods again.The familiar blonde was standing in front of her witha sword clutched in his hand.She had expected to see Ifor by his side, but a group of armored men stood behind him instead.She stepped forward and looked around."Wow.It looks so different here in the daytime."
"Yeah.It sure is beutiful isn't it?"He smiled up at the tree tops.The woods were a little misty, but the scenery was beutiful.The trees were as tall and beutiful as the towering skyscrappers from New York, where she was born and raised.The atmosphere had a mistical kind of feeling as soon as it made contact with your skin and these floating catterpiller things lit up the air around them."Where I'm from, there aren't any trees like this.A matter of fact, the only way you can really see any trees is if you go to central park.And thoughs are just small, decorative trees."
"I've come to learn, in my life, that trees are important.They've helped through many situations and on my journeys."Jeulietta admired the forest.She stared at it's beuty, when she heard some loud whimpering."Eww ew ew!This is so gross!"Her eyes widend as she reconized the voice.She twired around to see her younger sister  waving her hand in the air like there was something on them.She finally quit and placed her right hand on her abdomen.She sighed once she saw that nothing was on her.She looked at Jeulietta with her bright green eyes they both got from their father."kristy?Kristy!W-What are you doing here?How did you find the...?Why?Why did you follow me?"She shouted.
"Well, first off, you tempted me to do it.You know how curious I get when it comes to you.And, besides, Mom told me to keep a close eye on you ever since Ryan broke up with you."
"What!I'm not a baby!I can take care of myself!"
"Well, you should have thought about that before you went and dated some freak who cared more about football than you!"Jeulietta was silent.Her hands began to shake.Is that whay Kristy had thought of her this whole time?That she couldn't make the right decisions any more just because she dated a self-centered jerk?She had known she was stupid to fall for him, but hearing from her younger sister like that...She blinked to try hold back her tears and swallowed thelum p in her throat before replying,"Kristy, I had expected you, of all people, to understand.You always tell me how in love you are with Joseph.I wanted that.But...when Ryan broke up with me...I thought you and mom would be there to support me.I guess not."She shrugged as one tear broke free of her grasp."I thought he loved me.he showed none of the signs that showed he wasn't interested in me any more.I loved him."Another tear fell, then another, and another."Kristy, you've told me you when in love with the hundreds of boys you went out with before you married Joseph.I saw the love in your eyes whenever you looked or talked about him, and when I looked at Ryan, I felt it.At least I thought I did.But now, when I think of him, I think of the kerk he really was.And how stupid I was in the first place."She whiped her eyes."You know what, Kristy, your right.I can't make the right choices.I was stupid then, and I am now."She covered her eyes and let out a soft sob.Kristy walked over to her sister and wrapped her arms around her, careful not to squish her baby."I'm sorry, Jeuly.I didn't mean that.It just makes me so mad to think about what Ryan did to you.I guess I couldn't control the anger."Kristy felt Jeulietta's arms around her sholders and smiled.
"It's alright.I get mad when I think about it too."Link walked over and placed a hand on Jeulietta's sholder.
"Ifor's waiting for you."
"Can Kristy come with me?"She looked up at him."Please?"
"I guess so."Link shrugged."I think Zelda might need the extra help."

Farian chuckled as he watched the crystal ball."It's coming just as you fortold.The girl is coming into my trap."
"Of course.My predictions have never failed.Now, my reward..."
"Not until my lord is brought back.Then you shall reseive your reward."
"Fair enough, I supose."Farian looked at the group through the crystal ball and chuckled again."It's almost time, Lord Ganondorf."

Link had told Jeulietta how to get to Hyrule castle before he had left to search for Farian."It's in Castle town.You know, where my house is.When you first go in, just follow the strait path north.You can't miss it."Since Kristry shouldn't be walking a whole lot, Link let them use his horse, Epona, to reach the town quicker.They crossed the draw bridge and lad Epona down the stone path leading to a towering castle that nearly touched the clouds.They walked to a large gate that gaurded the path up to the castle entrance."Do you have buisness here?"A gaurd had asked them.
"Yes.We're here to see the princess."The gaurd waited as if he was expecting more from them.
"That's it?You're just going to tell me you need to see the princess?"
"Umm, yeah I guess.But we're here to see Ifor."
"Who?Whatever.I have no clue who this 'Ifor' is and beside, you neded more than just 'We need to see the princess' to get in.Everyone wants to see the princess these days."
"But, we acually do need to.My friend is friends with her."
"Who'd be your friend then?"
"Link."The gaurd stared at Jeulietta who held Epona's riens.
"You're friends with Link?The fellow who had saven Hyrule from Ganon?"
"Uhh, yeah, him."Kristy looked down at her sister from on top of Epona as Jeulietta spoke.
"Then...would that happen to be Epona?"
"That's what he said her name was."Epona bobbed her head up and down.
"Ah, the smartest horse in all of Hyrule.Well then, ladies, I wouldn't want to keep your highness waiting."He smiled through his helmet and pounded his spear on the ground.The gate opened and they proseeded to the castle.Once they were let through, some gaurds took Epona to the stables and escorted the two sisters tothe clinic where Ifor was being held.They stepped inside the room and Jeulietta rushed to Ifor's side."Oh, Ifor, I'm sorry I wasn't here before."
"I-It's okay, Jeulietta.You're here now, and I feel a little better."Jeulietta ran her hand through ifor's hair and smiled."Your such a strong little boy."
"I'm not little.I'm only four.So I'm a big boy."Jeulietta heard some giggling behind her and stood up.In front of her was now a tall, slim woman with long, golden hair  stretching to her lower back.She held out a hand to Jeulietta and greeted her."Hello, I am Princess Zelda, but you may call me Zelda.You must be Jeulietta."
"Yes.And this si my younger sister, Kristy."She moitioned to Kristy who was beside her now.
"You're friends of Link's, correct?"
"Uh, yes.We met lastnight."
"Really?Ifor seems so close to you, I figured he had known you for a while before.And Link also seems to like you."She smiled and winked at her.Jeulietta's face grew pink.
"I don't know."She stuttered."How's Ifor been?"
"He seems to be getting better."
"That's great.Hopfully, yoyu'll be better soon, right?"She flashed a knowing smile at Ifor and he nodded.
"Yeah, then I can go help Link find Master Farian."
"I thi nk Link will all ready find him by the time yoiu're better."

Link and the gaurds were at lake Hylia.Ifor had told him the only way to get there was with a lens of truth.Link pulled the purple magnifine glass out of his pouch and looked through it, seeing a cave on the side of the cliff.He waved to the gaurds to follow him as he walked towards it.He stopped and walked strait through the stone.He turned around after putting glass back and stuck his head through."C'mon.It's over here."One by one, the gaurds entered with him and walked to a small cabin with two older tannagers working in a garden outside.One whiped some sweat from her forehead and looked up ast them, gasping at their sight."Who...who are you?"
"I'm Link.These are the castle gaurds.Is this where Farian lives?"
"Yes, did you find us?"
"Ifor told us."
"Ifor...?"There seemed to be tears in the other girl's eyes."You found him?Is he safe?"
"Yes, and you all will be too once we find Farian."The girls smiled and made small laughing noises.
"Thank you.Thank you so much, sir."Two gaurds stayed with the girl's to ask some questions, and the rest followed Link inside.As soon as the door opened, they couyld hear little gasps from the many children staring at them.Some more gaurds stayed with the kids as Link and three others walked to a back room where an older, more larger man stood scolding a child."You useless brat!Now look what you've done!"The child tried to help, but he just knocked him to the ground.
"Farian?"He looked up, saw Link and smiled.
"Ah, I've been expecting you, hero."
"You're coming with us, Farian."He moved his fingers towards Farian and The gaurds grabbed his arms and tied his fists together.He started laughing mincilly as they took him away, the rest of the gaurds helping the children."Why are laughing, you're being arrested for the rest of you're life?"
"He's dilosional, sir."A gaurd said."He's crazy."

The courtyard was silent as Farian entered.Zelda was standing in the middle with Link, Ifor, Jeulietta, and kristy were on her right side.Farian was going to be sentenced today.He walked forward and the gaurds pushed him down so he was kneeling in front of Zelda."Farian, you are here to be sentenced to whatever I feel put to the crimes you have comitted."She turned to look at Ifor."First, you have kiddnapped many children from their rightful families, you killed them so they would not contact us, you kept these children as slaves, you have murdered many, and you do not care to even feed them."She turned back to Farian."I have thought about the most reasonable punishment and my coclusion is sent.You shall be hanged at town square Tuesday morning.If there is any other crime you have comitted, speak now."
"Oh, your highness, the crime I'm about to do will make the others seem like nothing."
"What..."Farian straitend and whispered something.His red eyes turned as red as the blood inside their bodies and he chuckled as he started to glow.He pulled his chains off his wrists and stood.He disapeared and reapeared in the air."Gaurds!"Zelda moitioned to Farian and they held their spears up to him.Link pulled his swords out and held it with as much confidence as he could muster."Those swords of your's are nothing but little tooth picks to me!"he chuckled as he turned into a dark, treansparent cloud.He flew around in a circle and flew towards Jeulietta.She started to run towards the exit, but fell as soon as he hit her.He was abosorbed in her body and a black sphere surrounded her.The ball flew in the air and flashed before disapearing.She stood on the ground now, her head hung, her eyes shut.Link walked slowly over to her."Jeulietta?"Everyone was silent.He came up to her and placed a hand on her cheek."Jeulietta?A-Are you okay?"Her eyes shot open, sending Link back, hitting the castle wall.Her eyes were as red as Farian's were a second ago."There's no more Jeulietta, Hero.And now, finally, I can bring my master back to our world."
"No!Jeulietta!"He raced to her body, ignorinng his pain.He held his sword tightly and held it at her body.He couldn't hurt Jeulietta.He would never do that to her.He stayed still for a minuete and finally put his sword down."I can't hurt you, Jeulietta."He whispered.Farian chuckled and Jeulietta's arm swung at Link causing him back to the wall.
"Now, what I've been waiting for all week."He flew up in the air."Let's just see how much power this girl really has."He closed her eyes and held her hands out in front, both palms touching eachother, but facing in front of her.A giant black and red ball formed in her hands and more loud chuckling could be heard from him.She let go of the ball and it formned a portal in the air.The transparent clouyd came out of Jeulietta's body and made back into Farian's form once again.Jeulietta fell from her spot in the sky and Link ran to the spot he guessed she'd land and caught her just in time.He set her in a sitting position against the wall and every one came to her side."Jeulietta!Oh, Mom's gonna kill me!"Kristy looked at her sister.
"I should have seen this coming.If Jeulietta has great power, then someone was bound to find her and use her.I just didn't expect that to be now."Zelda shook her head.
"My sister has powers?!"Kristy stared at Zelda in disbelief.
"Yes.She had the same disiese Ifor has.Only ones with great power c an get it."
"Jeulietta."Link stroked the side of her face."I'm sorry.I could've helped you."The ground shook and every one looked up as a beast landed on the ground.Link gritted his teeth and reached for his sword."Ganondorf."
"Why, Hero, it's been a while, hasn't it."

Jeulietta felt softness all around her.Her back was aching badly, and her head hurt as well.What had happened?Why was she in a bed?And why was she in so much pain.She decided to open her eyes.She saw Link napping in a chair beside the bed she was laying in.She slowly sat up so her head didn't get worse and looked around.By the sudden movement, Link stirred and opend his own eyes, meeting Jeulietta's."You're awake."
"Yes."Their eyes were locked on eachother."I'm awake."They just stared at eachother, until Jeulietta looked away, hoping Link didn't see how red her face was."What...what happened?"
"Farian used your body to bring back Ganondorf and start a war."
"There's a war outside?"
"Yes.I helped Kristy back to your world, but Zelda said it'd be safer to not move your body to much.I decided to stay with you.You know, just in case something happened."Jeulietta had the feeling it wasn't just because of her safty.

Once Jeulietta had felt better, Link had escorted her back to the portal.Link insited on helping her back to her apartment.Jeulietta just couldn't say no to him, though.She opened the door to her apartment and was surpised when Kristy came and hugged her.After recovering from her state of shock, she looked up and saw almost everyone she knew.Zelda was sitting on her couch comforting Ifor.Her niece, Maddie, was sitting next to Ifor and her father, Joseph while Jeulietta's mother was sitting at the kichen table.She stood when Jeulietta came in."What is everyone doing here?"She questioned.
"Jeuly, when I came back, I called mom and Joseph.I told them what happend.Zelda brought Ifor to protect him."Her mom came to her and held her tightly.
"I was so worried, Jeuly."
"I-I'm okay, Mom."She let go as Maddie ran up to her.
"Auntie Jeuly, she's a real princess!Can you believe it?"
"Yeah."She smiled at her niece."I heard you got an A on your test."
"Yup."Link stepped inside and closed the door.Jeulietta cam in and sat on the couch next to Ifor.He was laying down with his head in Zelda's lap."How're you feeling, Ifor?"
"A little better."He sat up."But, are you feeling better, jeulietta.I was scared when you fell.I thought you were hurt."Link came up and sat down on the other side of Jeulietta.She smiled at him.
"I'm fine, because Link caught me before I could get hurt."
"Yay!"Maddie came over to her aunt."Auntie Jeuly!Mommy and Daddy are going to take me to Olive Garden tonight!Can you believe it!"
"No way!"Maddie jumped up and down with joy.Ifor stumbled to his feet and looked around Jeulietta's apartment.
"Where are we again, Zelda?"He turned to Zelda.
"We're in my Auntie's house!"Maddie replied.
"Your Auntie?"Ifor cocked his head.
"Yeah!My Auntie Jeuly!She's the bestest Auntie in the whole wide world!"A phone rang and Kristy put her cell to her ear.
"Hello?"She paused."Oh, right, I forgot.Thanks for reminding me."She nodded a few times and said bye before hanging up."Hey, Jeuly, I have a doctor's apointment fot little Charlie here."She rubbed her pregnant stomach.Her due date was in three weeks so she had a checkup two times a week."I have to get back to work."Added Joseph."Maddie, we have to dropyou off at your daycare."
"No!I want to stay here with Auntie Jeuly!"She pouted.She was almost like a minature version of Kristy completly.She had her looks, personality, and even her temper."I want to stay here!Pwease!"
"It's alright with me."
"Oh, okay."Kristy smiled at her daughter."We'll come pick you up later."She walked over and kissed her forhead."Bye, sweatie."
"Bye-bye, Mommy and Daddy!"Once they left, Jeulietta's mother came up to her and embraced her tightly.
"I must be on my way as well."
"Bye, Mom."
"Bye, Honey."She walked out the door.All that was left was Zelda, who still sat on the couch,Link sitting next to Jeulietta, Ifor and Maddie doing a little victory dance.Jeulieta turned to face Link."What about the war?"
"I'll have to head back in a few days to help, but until then, I'll stay here and make sure your all safe."
"Auntie Jeuly can we go to Central park?Ifor said he's never been there!"
"Sure Maddie."She tapped her nose.Then she looked from Zelda to Link"You wanna come?"
"That'd be lovely."Zelda smiled brightly.
"Well, it is my job to protect you."Jeulietta stood up and looked at them again.
"But first, you might need to change some close."
"Yeah!You kinda look funny!"Maddie giggled.
"How are we going to get some clothes?"Link asked.
"Well, I think I have some.Come with me."Zelda and Link stood and followed her down a hall.
"C'mon, Ifor!"Maddie grabbed his hand.In her bedroom, Jeulietta pulled a box of clothes from her closet.She opened the dusty box and pulled a pair of men's jeans out.
"These were my brother's before he passed away.I gues they'll fit you, Link."She pulled out a blue t-shirt and handed them to Link."Zelda, you can look in my closet and pick anything you like."Zelda smiled and walked over to her closet.She looked at some shirts and pants and finally came across a dress she liked.She pulled it out.She looked around and whent to the bathroom.Jaulietta went out of the room with Madiie while Zelda and Link changed into the clothes they had and Ifor into some Jeulietta had given him.When Link came out of the room, he had his clothes in his hands."just set them on the couch."Link did as she told him and Ifor came out with Zelda.Ifor was wearing a pair of shorts and a red t-shirt.Zelda had on a light blue sun dress going to her knees with straps tying in the back of her neck.She had borrowed a bair of whited flippflops from her and puylled her hair into a ponytail on top of her head."Wow, Zelda, that looks better on you than it did on me."The dress had been to small for her for a while.She used to wear it when Ryan and her would walk around in Central park.
"Thank you, Jeulietta.It is quite pretty, isn't it?"She looked down at herself.
"Hey, you know, you can have it if you want.I can't wear it anymore."She wouldn't mind getting rid of it.It would help her forget about her past with Ryan.
"Auntie Jeuly!Are we gonna go now?"Maddie tugged on her jeans.
"Oh, right, yeah.C'mon."She walked over to the door and opened it.They all followed her down to the parking lot where her silver lexus was parked.She took her keys out of her pocket and pressed the button.Her car made the beeping sound and she walked over to it.Maddie sat down in the passenger seat.When Jeulietta looked up, she saw that Link and Zelda were just staring at the car."Are you gonna get in?"
"Get in what?"link looked at her.
"The car..."
""He cocked his head."Is that what this is?"Juelietta sighed.
"Yes."She sat down in the driver's seat and looked at Maddie."Maddie, you know you'r too young to sit in the front."
"Awww, okay, Auntie Juely."She got out and walked to the back where the others sat.She opened the door and looked at Link."Hey, why don't you sit in the front!"She giggled.
"O-Okay."He stood up and walked to the front.He opened the door and sat down in passenger's seat.
"Now, everyone buckle up.Maddie, why don't you show 'em back there."
"Okay!"Maddie smiled and turned to Ifor, who sat next to her.Juelietta grabbed her seatbelt and pushed it in the lock.Link watched and looked behind his head.Maddie saw him looking and pointed to the seatbelt.
"It's right there!"She giggled.Link smiled at her and pulled it over his musculer chest.
"Everyone ready?"
"Yup!"Maddie smiled.
"Then let's go."She turned her key and started the engine.She pulled the car out of the apartment area and headed to the park that was less than a mile away.She was stopped at a red light and glanced at Link staring at the radio witch was playing one of Maddie's favorite songs.Maddie sang along as Link caught Juelietta looking at him."Sorry, I just...I just now relised your ears are..."She stuttered.
"Pointed.I know.All hylean ears are pointed."
"Wow, that's kinda cool.I mean...your like an elf.Except your not tiny."Link was almost a whole foot taller than Juelietta.She had always been pretty short.It ran in her family.Even Kristy was shortter.The light changed at Kristy stepped on the gas.They made a right turn and Juelietta saw the park in the distance.She parked the car and unbuckled.They all climbed out and Maddie grabbed ifor and Zelda's hand."C'mon!"She started jogging to the play ground not far ahead.Link and Juelietta walked over to a bench and sat down."She's cute."Link looked at her.
"Maddie?Yeah, she's my sister's daughter all right.Kristy would always have guys lined up to get a date with her.They had always expected me to be as beutiful.But, guess not.I got my dad's gene instead of my mom's."
"You don't think your beutiful?"
"Heck, the only guy that's ever liked me was Ryan.And turns out he didn't really like me."
"Well, I happen to think your very beutiful."Jeulietta 's face turned a bright shade of red.
"Y-you really think I'm beutiful?Me?"She looked at him.His big, sparkly, baby blue eyes.Juelietta snapped herself out of it.No, not again.It'll just end up disaster like last time.She turned her head to the playground and saw Maddie going down the slide with Zelda waiting for her at the bottom and Ifor following her.She smiled to herself.Maddie loved to play with other people.That's one reason why she was excited to have a baby brother next month.Maddie had said she wanted a baby brother named Charlie, so his name will be Charlie Isacc Jacobs.Maddie couldn't wait for his birth, let alone when he's old enough to play.She had promised her parents to help out with him, like changing his diapers, or feeding him.She laid back in the seat when she heard someone calling her name."Juelietta!"She sat up and looked around, when she saw a man walking towards her, waving.She could feel the blood rush from her face and her heart beat quickened.Oh no.Not Ryan.Please no.She was hoping she had mistaked it for someone else, but as soon as he got closer, there was no doubt it was Ryan."Oh, no."She mumbled.
"Who's that?"Link asked.
"That's Ryan."She stared at the familiar man walking closer.
"Oh."was Link's simple reply.Ryan walked up to them.
"Ryan."She looked at her converse.
"Hey, Juely.It's...been a while."
"Yup."This was an awkward moment for her right now."Ryan, this is Link.Link, this is Ryan."
"So are you like dating or something?"The warm feeling in her face came back and she could see Link's face turning red in the corner of her   eye.
"N-No!"They both said at once.
"Okay."He said awkwardly."Well, then."
"What are you doing here anyways, Ryan?I still hate you for cheating on me."
"How many times do I have to tell you?I wasn't cheating on you!"
"Then how come I saw you the next morning with Nina?Huh?"
"Nina?Juely, Nina's my coisin!"
"Oh, so we went through our whole realationship without you telling me my nextdoor nieghbor was your coisin?Girlfriends are suposed to know these things!"
"Well, excuse me if I didn't think it was very important!"Juelietta yanked herself onto her feet.
"What could make you think that wasn't important?You know, just in case something like this ever happened!"They walked closer to eachother as the arguemnt went on."Why did you even want to break up with me in the first place?"She shouted.
"Because I knew you wanted to get married!"
"Oh, so you break off our realationship because you don't want to make a commitment with me?"She was just about ready to punch him in the gut, but knew she couldn't.She controled her anger and shook her head."I hate you Ryan!"It was then when Ryan crossed the line.He took her face in his hands and pushed his lips against her's.Juelietta's eyes popped open wide and she tried to push away, but even now, he was much stronger than her.When he finally pulled away, Juelietta wingled her way out of his grasp and slapped him on his right cheek.A red mark was left once she pulled her hand away."I hate you Ryan!"She hissed and turned to leave.Link was on his feet from the time Ryan had touched her and he glared at him."Touch her again.Then see what happens.You'll regret ever hurting her.I'll promise you that."He had wished he had his sword.But it was back at Juelietta's apartment.He walked away to a different bench where Juelietta was now sitting.He sat down next to her and she looked up at him, tears rolling down her cheek."Juelietta..."She looked back down and covered her face with her hands.
"Link he...he...I hate him."
"I know."He looked at over where Ryan had stood before.He was gone.Link was glad, because if he ever saw him touch Juelietta again...
"I never thought that he would break up with me that day.I acually thougt he'd prpose.I was stupid.An idiot.Even Kristy had known that he wasn't right for me, but...I didn't listen.I was blind."She shook her head and sobbed."It's all my fault."
"No.Juelietta, don't blame yourself.You were in love.Love makes you do crazy things.Trust me."
"You were in love?"
"Yeah, but not for long."He looked at his lap.
"W-what happened?"
"While I was on my whole 'save-Termina-from-the-falling-moon' journey, I came across this girl.She lived with her mom in West Clocktown.I was going to buy some bombs when I saw her outside drawing a picture.She looked up at me and smiled.During the nights we'd go to the laundry pool area and sit and talk.It was nice because after the third day, I'd have to play the song of time and go back to the first day.I got to relive each moment.I was glad because I'd always say something stupid.But, when I finished my journey, I couldn't go back in time.I was pretty okay with that since the last time we had talked I didn't really say anything that stupid.But there was somthing she had alway stold me on that last night.She said 'Promise me you'll save us all from the moon.'I kept that promise and when I finished, I went to go see her.I kept seeing her for days afterwards.The last time we talked, I kissed her.She got mad at me and the next day I came, her mom told me she didn't want to see me.I left to go back to Hyrule after that and promised myself to never go back.I haven't since."Juelietta listened to his story carefully.
'I had made a promise to myself.I promised to never love another man ever since Ryan broke my heart."She looked at Link and she saw something in his eyes.It was sadness.Did he like her?No, he can't.Not me.She looked at the playground.Zelda was pushing Ifor and Maddie on the swings.

Ganondorf was on his throne.He rested his head on his hand.A stalfos came up to him and kneeled."Sir, we have not found Zelda yet, nor the Hero."Ganondorf pounded his fist on the arm rest.
"Then go find them!"The stalfos stood up and nodded his skull.
"Y-yes sir."He walked away as Farian came up next to him.
"Sir, I have found something that might help the search."Ganondorf turned his head to him.
"What is it, Farian?"Farian held out his hand and Juelietta's stone glistened in his hand.
"It was the girl's.It must've fallen when I took over her body."Ganondorf took it from his hand and studied it, chuckling to himself.

Jeulietta stirred and turned to her side.She moaned and turned on her other side.Finally, she just gave up and sat up from her sleeping position on the couch.Her neck was aching so she figured she had pulled it in her sleep, and sweat beaded on her forehead.She whiped her forehead with her arm.It was hot for some reason.The last time she had checked, it was cooler.She climbed off the couch and stumbled to the kichen, when she heard a gentle tap on the window.It sounded like someone was throwing a pebble at the window, like Ryan used to do when they were just getting started.She turned and walked over to the window.Then she noticed something.She wasn't in her apartment like before, but in the house where she had grown up in instead.She looked around at her old bed and dresser.Her full length mirror was in the corner by her toybox.She looked down and saw she was in her old silk pajamas she used to wear when she was seventeen, the year Ryan and her started dating.She looked back out the window and saw Ryan ,when he was nineteen, smiling and waving up to her.Suddenly, Jeulietta felt her body move without her telling it to.She started to open the window and climb down the floralgate wich hung on the side of the house.Once her feet touched the cool, soggy ground, she turned her head to Ryan and giggled.She put one foot in front of her when Ryan gasped.She stopped and watched his face grow paler by the second.Then a giant tenticle apeared and grabbed Ryan.Another one apeared and in it's grasp was...was Link.He was struggling and wiggling to break free, but it's grip was too tight."Link!"She was starting to take controll of her body again.Link gasped and looked over at her.
"Jeulietta!Run!"She couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't think.If she could do anything, it was to feel a sudden, sharp, agonizing pain.She fell to her knees and heared an eerie skriech.It was from her.She started seeing black dots when she felt a hand on her sholder.An image apeared out of the corner of her eye and came closer to her front.She could barely hear the sound of a man chuckling, but just barely.Once the image came in front of her, she could make out his features.Blood red hair, cat-like yellow eyes, tan, muscualr body.She had seen him before, but where.He was familiar, but she couldn't make it out.Then it hit her.It was Ganondorf.Though she was knocked out right before she had fallen, she still got a quick glimpse of him."Why, it's been a while, hasn't it Jeulietta?"Her eyes were wide as she looked back up at Link.He had passed out, or at least she had hoped he was just uncoinsious instead of...She didn't want to think that.Ryan looked just about dead altogether.Ganondorf followed her gaze and chuckled."Ah, a terrible sight it is to see the two men you have feelings for hurt."Jeulietta gritted her teeth with what energy she had left."I...I don't have feelings for them....expecially Ryan..."
"A hater, are you?"Well, as you must know, he still has feelings for you."He leaned closer and whispered in her ear,"And I know you feel something for our poor hero here."
" won't."She slowly shook her head.
"Tsk tsk.Poor child.Won't even admit her feelings."He lifted his head and shrugged."You know, one of these days, the feeling will be so strong,"He snarled at her,"you'll never have the strength to resist."He disapeared, but his chuckling could still be heard.Other than the laughter, she could hear another sound.Someone was calling her name."Jeulietta!Jeulietta!Wake up!"Her eyes popped open.Her heart beat was irregular and, instead of just on her forehead, sweat covered her body from head-to-toe.She her chest to calm herself, though it didn't do anything to help.She looked up at Link and fell to his chest.He wrapped his muscular arms around her as a sob slept out."Link...he...he's going to..."Link grabbed her sholders.
"Jeulietta, what happened?"Jeulietta glanced around the room and saw she was in her apartment again.His closness sent chills down her spine.Ganondorf was right, she did have feelings for him.And if she wasn't careful, it could ruin her life, or mabye...She shook the thought away.No, she could never love another man.Not as long as her heart was still healing, and from the information she had, it would take a liftime for her heart to heal."Nothing, it was just a dream.I'm...I'm alright."Link relaxed some, but was still a little stiff.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm fine.Just, go back to bed."
"It's already morning.Zelda and Ifor aren't up yet, though."Jeulietta looked at the window.She hadn't noticed that it was morning yet.She figured she was still recovering from her nightmare.She rubbed her eyes and stood.As she stumbled to the sink, she silentlly pinched her arm to double-check if she were dreaming.She shook her head again and poured some water.She took a sip as Link whispered,"You sure You're okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."She took another sip as Link came up next to her.
"You know, the Shiekah used to say that dreams are a way for your heart to speak with you.You can say what you what, but your heart will always get the message to you, weather it scares you or not."Jeulietta nodded.Her heart must've been telling her to be careful.Because, it couldn't have been telling her to confess her feelings, she was still in the healing prosses.Jeulietta sat down at the table."Shiekah?What's that?"Link sat down next to her.
"They used to be the wisest, calmest, race in Hyrule.They were great with peace but still great warriors."
"Used to be?"
"Well, they're extinct now.Only one left."
"The years I was born, there was a great war in Hyrule with all races except the Kokiri and Shiekahs.Though, the shiekah's were fighting, but alongside the Hyleans.All, but one, were killed by the Gerudos.That one, is Impa, Zelda's maid.She had been one of the royal family's friends and when Zelda's mother died, Impa decided to be her maid.Well, she ended up almost raising her since the King was so buy with the war and stuff.She is now a sage, the sage opf shadow, and is currentlly fighting in the war right now."
"Poor Impa.Does she have a family?"
"Well, she was married, but found out she couldn't have kids and he died in the war too."
"Oh, that's sad."
"Yeah."She looked up at him.In his deep, blue, gorgous eyes.She felt odd, a feeling she hadn't had in years, but this time it was stronger than before.She could feel herself being pulled towards him, attracted by him.He was a magnet, she a piece of metle.Her heart increased several times it's pace and her whole body shook.No, no no!She screamed at herself.I can't!Not now!She felt her body stiffen as Link opened his mouth and leaned forward.Their lips were just about to touch, when they heard footsteps. She quicklly pulled back and sipped her drink as Zelda walked in.She smiled at the two and Link stood up."I'm gonna go to the bathroom."He left and once the door shut, Zelda sat down and giggled."What?"
"You have feelings for Link, don't you?"
"C'mon, I can read your mind.I already know."
"Oh, fine, I'll tell you."She sighed."So what if I do like him.I'm sure it's just a little crush.It'll go away in a matter of days."
"Jeulietta, that's no crush.You don't just like him.You love him."
"I guess I can't lie to you can I?"Zelda smiled.
"Well, I mean, I'm not ready.I...I can't...not again."
"Why not?"
"Because.Ryan he...he broke my heart and I'm not sure if I'm ready yet."
"Well, first, you have to let go of your past to love, and second, you can love if you want to.It's not a feeling, it's a dicission."
"It is?But what about everything that I feel when I'm with him?"
"Your heart is telling you it's made up it's mind.Your ready to love, Jeulietta, you just don't want to believe it."Jeulietta looked down for a moment, then back up.
"I guess your right.I guess I could try and love.By the way, can you really read my mind?"
"No, silly, that's physically imposible."Link came back in and looked at Zelda as she stood and looked at them both."I'm going to check on Ifor."Link nodded and took his spot again.
"What were you talking about?"

Later on, Link had gone back to Hyrule.Jeulietta had promised to visitlater when it was darker there.Then the battles would be over for the day.When they were saying they're good-byes, Link had told her stay there until later."Promise me you'll stay here until you come visit."Secretlly, Jeulietta had her fingers crossed behind her back.So now, she was sitting in a little Kokiri girl's house.She had said her name was Saria and she was a friend of Link's.She hjad also mentioned she was the sage of forest.Jeulietta watched out the window and slowly dozed off.To what seemed like seconds, was aperently hours, because when Saria woke her up, it was almost pitch black outside.She rushed outside and remembered Saria had told her."They're going to be camping at Lake Hylia tonight."She had given her instructions to get there and she had found Epona to get there quicker.She hopped on the steed and trotted off along the dark, lonely Hyrule field.

Link was sitting by the fire, with other men from the army surounding himand making conversation Link couldn't hear.He was busy thinking.Thinking about his life, the war, but Jeulietta, especially.The way her beuty would catch his eye from a mile away, the way her eyes would light up whenever she looked at him, and the way his heart skipped a beat whenever he was close to her, like this morning.They were so close to kisssing.But. it's not Zelda's fault, she didn't know they were in the middle of something.While he was in the bathroom, he had thought about it.She should be coming soon.Any minuete now.he jumped when he felt a hand on his sholder."Hey, man are you okay?"It was one of the other men.
"Yeah, I'm okay."
"Well, we're all going to bed.Got a long day ahead of us."
"Yeah.You all go ahead.I'm expecting someone."
"Ah, a visiter.Your girlfriend, I supose?"Link was glad it was getting darker, because he could feel his face turn red."N-No!She's just a friend!"
"It is a girl."He patted his back."Well, good luck."
"Thanks."He left and closed the tent.After a while he could see the lights turn out from the corner of his eye.He took off his hat and looked at it in his hands.
"Hi there, stranger.Am I late?"Link turned around and saw Jeulietta standing there.She came and sat down on the ground next to him.
"Nah.You're not late."Jeulietta looked down at his hat in his hands.
"What're you thinking?"
"Nothing, really."Jeulietta looked up at Link and shrugged.
"So, what're you wanna do?I mean, it's dark, there's no battle..."
"Why don't we go over there,"He pointed to a quiet area father away from the camp sight."so we're not disturbed by the guy's snoring."
"Good idea."Jeulietta stood and held out her hand to help Link up.He took it and pulled himself up.Jeulietta grinned at him as they walked.It wasn't until they reached their destinaation that Jeulietta noticed her hand was still in Link's.They had held hands the whole way here.Her heart skipped a beat when she felt the smooth leather of his gauntlets and rough, yet soft, skin on his fingers.Link leaned against a tree and looked at her, taking in her beuty.She was beutiful.More than she knew.Jeulietta turned her head to the lake on her side.The water seemed to sparkle in the moonlight.The moon's round figure reflected off the water.It was simply wonderful.Like she was in a fairytail.Although, sometimes, she thought she was.Link followed her gaze to the water and sighed."It's pretty, isn't it?"
"Yes.I'm speachless."
"Yeah, Lake Hylia is a pretty remarkable sight to see.You can not visit Hyrule without visiting here.You just can't.But once you take in it's wonders, you won't wanna leave."
"I agree."She nodded as she sank to the ground.Link sat down next to her.They sat in silence for a minuete or two before Jeulietta looked up at Link gain.She thought about her earlier conversation with Zelda."It's not a feeling, it's a dicission."Love was a dicission.And she had decided to love Link like the way she had wanted to ever since they had met.While she was thinking about loving him, Link was thinking weither he should just lean in and kiss her there.But he remembered what someone had told him a long time ago."When you feel the time comes, go for it."He had used this advice when he was Termina.They looked up at eachother and their eyes locked.Link felt his heart catch in his throat.Oh, how he loved her bright, grassy green eyes.He had a feeling deep in his gut that the moment would come when he would kiss her, and soon, too.Jeulietta's heart thumped in her chest and she wondered if Link could hear it."Link..."The word felt like sweet chocolate on her tounge.Link held up his finger to her and leaned in closer.The gap in between them suddenly disapeared and a strange sensation Link.So, this is what it's like to acually kiss a girl.Link was thinking.It felt wonderful.He wouldn't rather be any where else but here, kissing Jeulietta.The kiss lasted for what seemed like hour after hour after hour and Link enjoyed it all.Link never wanted it to stop.But, thery eventually had to catch their breathe.Jeulietta pulled back and stared at him.Without saying another word, she pushed her lips against Link's again.This time, she couldn't stop.The tentation was building until there was a giant wall, trapping them with no control over their actions.Jeulietta knew where this would lead, and she was already ashamed of herself.

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