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Link Woke up to the sounds in the Inn. He looked out the skylight, and he then realized he was late. But he then heard a slam, like that of a door, and heard a voice coming from downstairs.
"Hello? Anyone here? HELLO?!"
Link Got his clothes on, and went downstairs. To his surprise, instead of seeing a normal person at the door, it was a blue hedgehog!
Link paused for a moment. What strange clothes he was wearing! He surely wasn't Hylian for sure.
Link stood there, and stared... Until the hedgehog turned his head toward Link. A bit confused, the hedgehog tilted his head in confusion.
"Do you live here?" the hedgehog asked, tilting his head to thevother side. Link Shook his head. The hedgehog looked around the room, but noone else was there.
"Do You know where I am?"
Link nodded.
The hedgehog looked around a bit more impatiently
"Hmmm.... It seems that I'm in some kind of ghost town."
The hedgehog paused for a moment, and then thought for a moment. He then looked at Link once more.
"The name's Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!"
Link, now finally meeting Sonic, Link went downstairs to get a closer look at him. Standing at 3 feet tall, Sonic didn't reach the height of his chest. Link looked down at the spiny creature in surprise. Where did he come from? Link thought, And, how did he get here?
"I guess you're Link then..." Sonic continued, tapping his red and white shoe on the wood floor. " That Shaman dude told me about you. "
Renado, The shaman of Kakariko, was the only resident here other than Barnes, the bomb salesman, Luda, his daughter, and a few old Gorons that help in the Malo Mart.
Link wasn't too sure what 'Dude' ment, but he seemed that it was a slang in his language, but was still wondering about the hedgehog, Sonic. Link wondered about how he came to Hyrule...and where he came from.
Link, realizing he was late, had bolted out the door, past the hedgehog, and then noticing that Sonic had already come out with him.
"Hey, what's your hurry?" asked Sonic "Mind if I tag along with you?"
Link turned to Sonic and shook his head. Link wouldn't mind the company.
"So, I guess we're off then!"
Link mounted Epona and rode off with Sonic running at Links side. Even though Link had met Sonic and had known each other for a few hours, an adventure waits for them at the Hyrule Castle.

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