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Link’s Little Brother
By Mirren

Chapter 1

It had been about 4 years since Ganondorf’s demise. The memory still stayed with Zelda and Link. The battle that decided the fate of Hyrule and the Triforce. Link fought Ganondorf in his castle first. Deflecting energy bolts, shooting Light Arrows, and attacking with his sword. When he was defeated, the castle collapsed, but Zelda and Link escaped. But Ganondorf; wasn’t dead. He erupted from the rubble, with pure rage in his eyes. He turned into the beast called Ganon and fought Link with two huge twin swords. Link had to fight with the Megaton Hammer since the Master Sword was smacked from his hands. The battle raged on until Link retrieved the Master Sword.

He fought on and finally Zelda shot Ganon with an energy beam. It stunned him, and gave Link the chance to stab him in the forehead. Blood shot out, and Ganon roared in pain. The Sages then sent Ganondorf spiraling into the Evil Realm. Link and Zelda would always remember his final words.

“Curse you Zelda! Curse you Sages! Curse you Link! Someday, when this seal is broken, that is when I will return and terminate your descendents!”

Link and Zelda never returned to the normal time. Instead Link wanted to stay a young man. He loved Zelda, and he just could never not think about her. But he still felt Zelda only liked him as a friend, not as a true love. He lived with her in the castle (which had been rebuilt by the Sages and Goddesses), along with her little sister Faria. When the seven years began to pass, Zelda’s mother gave birth to another little girl. But her mother soon died of an illness (along with her father, who died a year after Ganon’s demise from an illness also). And with her acting as Shiek the whole time, Zelda never saw her sister. But now her sister was 11, and she spent a heck of a lot of time with her. She looked just like Zelda when she was younger; she was a spitting image of her child-self.

She had actually made Faria her Princess Jr. She knew Faria would make a good princess, but after a couple more years. Link also liked her a lot. It made him think of the Kokiri children. At times, even he wished he had a younger sibling. But his mother was dead, and there was no way for him to get one.

One day, Link was training at the castle. He practiced for hours with the Master Sword. He would chop trees and logs, weeds, and fought many warriors (including Impa who proved to be quiet the fighter herself). By about sunset, Link went into the castle for dinner. He went to the great hall and sat down by a nice full plate of food. There was roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh peas. Soon Zelda and Faria walked over to the table and sat down with their own meals.

“Hello, Zelda, hello Faria” said Link, “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see you two today.”

“Don’t worry” replied Faria, “I understand that you have to train, that’s what *real* warriors have to do.” Link laughed.

“Well I’m glad for that!” he said, “Say, did you two cook this?”

“As a matter yes” answered Zelda, “I and Faria prepared the dinner just for us!” Link cut off some of his chicken and tasted it. The second he tasted it, his eyes light up and began eating more.

“Wow! This is great!” he exclaimed, “absolutely delicious!!!”

Faria and Zelda laughed as Link wolfed down his entire dinner rapidly. They soon then began eating; it was almost like they were a family. After about a half an hour, they all finished, and Faria went to read in the archives, leaving just Link and Zelda at the table. When she left, Zelda became a little more serious. Link noticed it right away.

“What’s wrong Zelda, are you okay?” he asked. Zelda looked at Link.

“Link, I had a dream last night, and I think it’s another prophecy” she answered. Link also then became more serious.

“Really? About what?” he asked.

“I can’t tell you here, let’s go to one of the balconies, I don’t want anyone to hear” she said. Both of them got up and walked over to one of the balconies. It was actually a room with one wall missing, for a nice view. Link then locked the door so no one could enter.

“Alright Zelda, what was your dream about?” he asked. Zelda paused before answering.

“Well, it started out with a huge battle raging on” she began, “there was screaming, yelling, fires, fights and blood everywhere. A young boy similar to you was fighting greatly, until Ganondorf and some woman came in and annihilated him. Then you ran into the battle, and saved him from the two. The six Sages came, and drove away the evil pair. The fighting stopped, along with the cries, and the fires were put out. Then at the end, I saw you walking away from the battle, carrying the young child in your arms.”

Link was very confused. What in the world was the battle about? Who was the young child? And who was the other woman with Ganondorf? He sure had no idea, but maybe Zelda just did.

“What do you think it means, Zelda?” he asked. Zelda shook her head.

“I have no idea” she answered, “it made me think though, perhaps the young child was someone you really cared about. I mean, a Kokiri you like a lot.”

Link thought for a few moments. “That makes no sense” he began, “first off, there really isn’t no Kokiri boy I like really a lot like I do with Saria. Also, the Kokiri aren’t that of a fighting race. I may have been, but I’m actually a Hylian!”

“I guess that’s right, but it *has* to mean *something*!” Zelda said.

Link once again thought. He tried to think of someone who could help him, but no one could come to mind.

“Maybe a good nights rest will give us some brain power to think” he said, “I’m goin’ to bed, good night Zelda!”

Link then walked over to the door and unlocked it. He was about to leave before Zelda stopped him.

“Link… you don’t… love me… do you?” she asked.

Link’s body froze. He didn’t know what to say. He wanted to say yes, but what if she didn’t like him? But what if she did and he said no? She’d probably be crushed. But he decided to go with the second thought, and have the chance to save humiliation.

“Of course not Zelda” he said, “but you’re easily my best friend!” Link smiled incredulously, and left the room. He walked away sweating bullets, but luckily Zelda didn’t see it.

She was then all alone, her thoughts to herself.

“I hope he was lying” she whispered to herself.

Miles and miles and miles away north of Hyrule Castle, in the great citadel of Emralda, an evil plan was brewing. She was a young Gerudo woman, but chose instead to live in her land know as Herlassia. She was known as the queen of the land, but her heart was as evil as a demon. She was in her courts waiting for a special person. She had put on her favorite dress. A royal purple robe with golden stripes, with all sorts of rubies on them. She had long blood red hair that reached her back. Her eyes were surrounded by red eye shadow, and she wore a wonderful amethyst broach that was given to her by her own brother.

She waited and waited until finally, the person she was waiting for, came through the doors. It was Ganondorf, in his black and blue armor with his shoulder length, fiery red hair. He had an evil smile on his face, but it pleased Emralda.

“It’s good to see you Emralda, it’s been so long!” he said. Emralda ran over to him and hugged him. Ganondorf bowed and kissed her hand.

“You’re finally back my brother!” she exclaimed.

The next morning, Link woke up pretty early. He had his nice breakfast once again made by Zelda and Faria. He had fresh Lon Lon Milk and a full plate of pancakes with Kokiri Syrup. Once he was done, he decided to take a nice ride on his beautiful stallion Epona.

He rode swiftly and nicely all through the huge Hyrule Field. He jumped every fence, he followed every path, and even did a bunch of laps around Lon Lon Ranch. As he rode, he still thought of the prophecy Zelda had. Even after the long night’s rest, neither of them got any ideas. They were still stumped. The two main things that made him think the most was the young child, and Ganondorf.

“How was he there?” he thought, “he’s in the Sacred Realm, or is he?”

Suddenly Link heard the sound of battle cries and weapons fighting. It was coming from the forest. It was right from Terlon Forest (another forest in Hyrule that was home to Hylian Elves and normal Hylians. (The Hylian Elves were the same as normal elves. They lived in the forest and had long pointy ears, but grew older unlike Kokiri elves) He then immediately galloped away to the forest.

At the battle, a legion of Moblins had attacked a village. The fighters of the village tried to fight them, but they were losing badly. But suddenly a young child yelled and charged into the fray. He was a Hylian with brown hair similar to Link’s. (The style not the color) His attire was a green turtleneck, and brown adventuring pants. He was carrying a nice broadsword, but no shield like Link did.

He attacked the moblins like mad. He slashed, cut, stabbed, and assaulted them like no other fighter, even though he was so young and rather small. The moblins attacked with their spears, but the young child dodged and blocked them. Soon, most of the moblins were lying on the ground dead, with bloody gashes and cuts all over them.

But as the kid fought, Ganondorf and Emralda suddenly appeared. The young child looked at them and felt he had seen them somewhere before, but he didn’t care who they were and what they were doing there. Even though he had no idea about why they were there, he ran at them and was about to attack. The two evil beings then smiled diabolically and shot dark energy bolts at them. They hit the child and quickly knocked him unconscious. They both laughed as they saw the child lay there knocked out cold. But suddenly, Link stormed in. He whipped out his Master Sword and shield and glared at Ganondorf and the woman.

“What are you two doing here!?” he shouted.

The two didn’t answer, but instead grinned. Link got angrier by the second, until he noticed the young child laying in front of him. Then the Six Sages suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Link, get that child out of here, we’ll take care of these two!” said Rauru. Link nodded and picked up the child in his arms. He ran over to Epona and got on still holding the child. He then kicked Epona slightly and began riding off back to Hyrule Castle. The Six Sages glared at Ganondorf and the woman, who now looked somewhat terrified.

“Alright, let’s take ‘em out!!” shouted Darunia.

“With ya on that one Darunia!” Nabooru yelled back.

The Six Sages then threw out their arms and shot their own special kind of magic. The beams of energy struck Ganondorf and the mysterious woman. But as they hit, the two turned into nothing more than what they really were, shadows. They soon were destroyed by the Sages’ power, but Rauru was very shocked.

“What!? How in the world!? They’re only shadows!” He yelled.

As Link galloped away, he turned around and saw what happened. He couldn’t believe it. “What was going on!?” he thought. He didn’t know, so he kept riding on back to Hyrule Castle, in hope he’d get some answers with what just went on.

Back at Emralda’s citadel, Ganondorf and she were sitting in her throne room watching everyone through some of Emralda’s magic fire. The two were believe it or not; brother and sister. About 5 years after Ganondorf’s mother gave birth to him, she gave birth to Emralda. The two got along quite well for the years they were together. When Ganondorf was about 16, he left to train to be a warrior, while Emralda went to become a sorceress. Before they left each other, the promised they’d some day conquer Hyrule together.

They laughed in their evil tone as usual at the confusion of the Sages and Link. But what mainly pleased them, was the boy Link was riding with in his arms.

“That must be him” Emralda said, “the boy we’ve been searching for.”

“Yes, only Link would’ve been there for him” Ganondorf added, “it’s so odd how Princess Zelda’s prophecies always seem to be right.”

“Well thank God for that!” exclaimed Emralda, “without her, I wouldn’t have ever known about Link being there when that kid was attacked. Nothing better than my dream spies!”

“Yes, and those shadows of us really fooled Link and the Sages!” replied Ganondorf, “but I’m still confused by those *dream spies*.”

“They’re spirits that I can send into people’s dreams to find out what they’re dreaming about” answered Emralda, “I knew Zelda has prophecies, and that she’d probably soon get the dream about the whereabouts of that kid. The dream spies told me Link would be where the kid was. So when Link arrived here in the viilage, I knew that the kid he carried off is the one we’ve be searching for.”

Ganondorf was very surprised at his younger sister. She was as clever and intelligent as he was. “Impressive!” he said, “without you, I’d doubt this would’ve happen!”

Emralda smiled diabolically. “Of course, that’s why you *and* I must work together if we are to succeed” she said.

Ganondorf smiled the same way back.

“We will get our revenge on that kid my sister, I know It.” he said.

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