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Every night Jabu Jabu dreams that he is human. He must destroy Ganondorf. In his dreams as human he confronts Ganon and loses the fight. Just before he is about to die, he wakes up. Then one day, Ganon came to Zora's Domain and put a curse on Jabu Jabu. 'Oh, no' thought Jabu Jabu, 'My body is not under my control!' He didn't know what to do. After a few days, he got hungry and ate the Spiritual stone of water. 'This is so unlike me,' he thought. At that time Princess Ruto was mad that he had eaten the stone and went in after it. A few hours later, a boy in green named Link came to get the Stone. He went inside Jabu Jabu and not an hour later came out with Ruto, safe. The curse on Jabu Jabu was broken. Every night after that, for seven years straight, Jabu Jabu dreamt a new dream.In his dream he could fly and he flew away to fight Ganon and repay the favor Link did for him. One day he overheard that the Domain would be frozen. He new what he had to do. Jabu Jabu took off fling just like his dream. He flew over Death MT. Over Hyrule Castle Town, and into Ganon's Castle. He was never heard from again.

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