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1-Skull Kid


I've been traveling around, looking for my fairy friend and traveling companion, Navi. I lost her after I fought Ganondorf and sealed him in a realm of eternal darkness. And peace and prosperity returned to the land of Hyrule. I set out on a quest to continue my training as a warrior and all…Where are you Navi? I miss you… Anyways, fairies live in the forest. So I'm sure to find her there.


Link and his horse Epona, were looking for a lost friend. They were deep in the forest, searching desperately for her. Soon, Link noticed a fairy that looked just like Navi flew right by him.

“Navi!”…but he studied the fairy for a moment. “No, that's not her. It's some other fairy.” Then another fairy flew over, it was purple. “And that’s definitely not Navi.” Link said. The two fairies then did something interesting…They swirled around Epona, making the horse dizzy. Epona then neighed loudly as she reared, making Link fall off and land on the ground unconscious. Afterwards, a strange scarecrow-looking kid came out from the bushes.

“Great work my minions!” it said.

“It looks like he was on an adventure.” the white fairy(who Link thought was Navi)said. “I bet he’s got some good stuff on him Skull Kid!” Skull Kid walked over to the unconscious Link.

“Hmm…” he muttered while digging in Link’s pockets. Soon, he found a mysterious musical instrument with a strange mark on it and held it up.

“Ooh! What a pretty ocarina!” the white fairy exclaimed.

“Hey Skull Kid!” the purple fairy cried. “Lemme touch it!” Shortly, Link woke up and saw the Skull Kid with his ocarina.

“Hey!” Link exclaimed, making Skull Kid jump and quickly hid the ocarina behind him as the fairies his behind him.

“I saw that! Now, give me back the ocarina!” Link held out his hand to obtain his stolen item. Though Skull Kid refused to give back the ocarina. So Link tried to jump him, but missed when Skull Kid jumped and hopped onto Epona. As he began to ride off with the horse, Link grabbed onto the saddle of Epona. Now he was being dragged, but he had to get his horse back somehow.

“Epona, stop! Stop!” he cried. They were then coming to a turn.

“Epona!” Link screamed as his grip broke from the horse and fell, being left in the dust. He quickly picked himself up and followed the run-away horse.

What’s wrong with Epona? he thought to himself. He saw them run into a hole and followed them inside. He abruptly stopped when he came close to the edge. When he finally reached the bottom, he landed on a flower. He quickly got up and saw Skull Kid, the two fairies, but no Epona.

“What’s with that stupid horse of yours?” Skull Kid exclaimed. “It doesn’t listen to a single thing I tell it!”

“Well maybe it’s because you’re not the owner of that horse!” Link sneered.

“My, what attitude!” Skull Kid laughed. “Anyways, there’s no point of riding a thing like that.”

“You mean no point of YOU riding it since you can fly!”

“Still, I did you a favor and got rid of it. Hee hee!”

“You WHAT?” Link cried. He was so shocked yet now so angry, it was almost hard to speak. “Y-You…How COULD you?! Bring my horse back, NOW!!!”

Now it was Skull Kid’s turn to be surprised. “Now now, no need to get upset now.” he said in an almost sadden tone. “I just thought I’d have a little fun with you.”

“Ha! Yeah right! If you didn’t mean it, then where’s Epona? If you don’t tell me right now-”

“Oh come on now…You really think you can defeat me as I am now? Fool!”

Link moved his hand behind his neck, about to draw his sword. “You just don’t know what some of us are capable of.”

Skull Kid’s mask began to shake. “I’m tired of looking at your face!” His mask shook even more. Soon Link felt weird, and closed his eyes. When he opened them, it was black all around, and giant Deku Scrubs surrounded him. Soon, it wasn’t black anymore, though Link still felt a little strange. When he looked down beneath him at the water, he studied his reflection. Link couldn’t believe it, he actually turned into a Deku Scrub! Link screamed in horror, while Skull Kid pointed and laughed.

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