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sora has been good for so many years but now its all about to change when he has now been turned into a shadow to take the hearts of many others so now he is going to the world of links so its gonna be one big battle. Sora has been sent to links world but as he lands he passes out  his out for 4 hours when one of links old enemys passes by he wakes link. As he wakes up sora gannondorf gets his heart taken out and becomes a minion  shadow of soras. Sora starts walking through links world turning every living thing into shadows  minions  it doesnt matter wat  he turns intill he steals the princess. Later on in the castle link finds out that the princess was in danger so link starts out to find sora but when he finds sora he regrets comeing alone he was out matched 1  to over a hundred and mostly all of the shadows were links friend and he could hurt them. So link went back to the castle with the shadows minions of soras right behind him. Link calls for help from midna. She gets to the castle right in time for cause sora made it to the castle and was about to brak through the doors. So link and midna make it to the doors  thats when they break through link and midna start to fight but link stops in his tracks remembering that those are all his friends so he forgets that they are attacking. But midna is just breaking through all of them and she reminds link that they arent really his friends cause there now heartless so link pulls forth his master sword at starts destroying all the shadows intill he reaches gannondorf he remembers that he had a hard time defeating him before  so he thought that its gonna be twice as hard. So he starts to fight gannondorf  with range he uses his master bow and peirces  gannondorf making him angry thats when gannondorf changes to his second form and charges link links pulls out his master sword again  and dodges gannondorfs first attack and trys to slash his side but missed hes dodges again and this time he peirces gannondorfs side making gannondorf tumble he walks up to gannondorf and stabs his sword deeper into his side then pulls it out then he goes for sora. But sora had midna pinned down then it happened he took her heart and she became a shadow so  link attacked sora but he didnt relize that midna was going  after  zelda  he couldnt stop her cause he had to destroy sora he knew if he killed sora he could stop all the heartless so he fought bravely. Then out of now where all of links enemy come together to help link destroy sora they all start fighting and link waits for his chance then he dashes in and shoves his sword right through soras chest and sora hits the ground  they killed him but what they didnt relize was that midna was still a heartless and they heard zelda scream link dashed up to the tower in the castle and found a portal open to the  darkness world and midna was taking zelda into it  then he dashed trying to save her but the portal closed. Thats when link swore he would find zeld making sure midna would pay.

                                                        TO BE CONTINUED.

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