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It was a stormy night two kids of the ages 17 and 20 were walking up death moutain trail they saw an opening they walked in and opened the door carlos pulled a bottle of water out and poured it on the lava in front of them and created a platform for two people.They hopped on and was shot up to another platform with solid ground they walked in through a door and inside was a chest two scrolls and a chair carlos cautiously approached the chest he motioned adriana to come help him.he picked up the chest she helped this thing is light i wonder whats in it..... NO! mom and dad both said do not open the box no matter what carlos said carlos turned his back torwards her she found a rock and hit him in the head knoking him out she opened the chest and saw a amulet. she tried picking it up but then saw a bright light You are not the holder of the amulet the light said i want to have it NO THERE IS 1 PERSON WHO CAN LIFT IT HIS NAME IS LINK if you touch it once more you will be shot back towards the wal and die!.Zelda woke up in cold sweat she looked over at him they ve been married for 2 years now and link still loves me she thought and layed back down tommorow maybe she can tell link about her dream.

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