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The headache in his head grew worse as Link sat slumped, elbows on the table at dinner as his wife of two years, Zelda, and King Harkinian, bickered and nagged Link for this and that. This bothered link for quite some time. Before Link and Zelda we're married, they spoke of having a family and how happy they would be with two or three little ones running around the castle grounds, how excited Link was for that. But once the two returned from their travels through Hyrule, Zelda changed. Zelda carried an even bigger ego than before. Now that he mother had been deceased for eight months, she felt she was the queen already.

 "Link?", Zelda said in a harsh tone. "Link! Are you even listening to me?!", she yelled as Link jumped back into reality. "Uhh yes your highness", Link groaned. Ever since her mother's passing, she asked everyone to call her "Your highness". "As I was saying Link...the garden's need tended to, the laundry needs washed, my bedroom needs dusted and swept (They slept in seperate rooms), and I need you to deliver mail to the gerudos at dusk. Link was fed up. He nodded his head, stood up and left to do his chores, but knew he would be speaking to Zelda immediately before his departure to the desert.

 Later that evening Zelda was sitting in her room reading as she was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. "Come in come in!", she snapped, and Link quietly entered. "Link! What are you still doing here?! Your supposed to be delivering the mail to the gerudos! I told you to leave at dusk!". "Yes I know your highness, but I wish to speak to you before I departe", he replied. "Well? What is it?", she asked. "Zelda", Link said softly. "I must say I am quite dissapointed with your thoughts and actions since your mother...passed", he said hesitantly. "I do believe you are not the same woman I married two yea--"...and before Link could finsh he was struck across the face by Zelda's novel. "How dare you speak of my mother and call me by my name!", Zelda roared. "You shall never speak like that again!". Link grew furious and held back his anger.

 "Your not the same Zelda!", he yelled back. "How dare you treat your own husband this way! You may be the princess but I have just as much power as you now! I should not be treated so rudely!!". Zelda's face grew red as she screamed, startiling the guards and her father, who then entered followed by two guards. "What in goddesses name is going on?!", her father yelled. Zelda then ran to her father, tears down her cheeks. "Oh dear father, Link is treating me so badly", she whined. "Boy....didn't I tell you to treat my daughter with respect?", the king noted with a growl. "Yes sire but I deserve to be treated well also!", Link yelled back. "DON'T raise your voice at me!!", the king boomed. "You do this again and you will suffer many consequences.", the king boomed and then exited.

 Zelda the walked to her bed and sat, staring angrily at Link. Link couldn't take this abuse anymore, he was not going to allow himself to be treated with such hate. "Your highness", Link said with ease in his voice, confusing Zelda. She looked at hi, puzzled and replied, "Yes Link, you may speak". Link down at his feet, his arms folded then he looked back up at Zelda, no hint of doubt in the back of his head as he let out. "I request a separation of marriage."....

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