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Link pov:I stood upon a moutain looking down at hyrule field seeing animals grass and people dead on the ground what happened to hyrule field? then saw a bright flash of light behind me i turned to
see the three goddesses i bowed to the three of them Din:Hero of time thy see thy landscape Farore:thy landscape is barren Nayru:thy landscape has benn cursed, Together:save all of hyrule hero of time and thy shall be rewarded.In a bright flash of red blue and green they were gone i sat up in cold sweat looked over at my wife and i got up took a shower and put my tunic on hat and all i walked out of the bathroom and looked over at the bed seeing zelda sitting up with a slight grin on her face link what are you doing up its 5 in the morning? sorry zel impa wants me to train the recruits in swordplay get some sleep with that he walked half way out and remembered the dream oh and zelda i think i had a preminition dream i was standing atop a mountain overlooing hyrule which all the people were dead? hmm really link well ill keep a look out for signs signaling the dream ok? ok zelda with that she laid back down and fell asleep when she hit the pillow and i walked out quietly closing the door and set off towards the sword arena.

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