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He was sitting comfortably in his home, with his son, Finn, a new born baby boy with his wife who was making dinner for him. It was perfect for him.

It was until an unexpected, unwanted man entered the house.
"Drake!" the man growled. "What are you doing here?!"
"Well Arthur," Drake nonchalantly said. "I'm here for him"
"You'll never get my son!" Arthur shouted. His wife heard the commotion and opened the kitchen door.
"Arthur what is going on?"
"Take our son and leave the house immediatley!" Arthur ordered. When he saw she wasn't moving he said,"Now!"
She did as she was told and grabbed the baby boy, who sensed the atmosphere of the room and started crying.
"You cannot deny his destiny, Arthur," Drake said and shot a beam at Arthur's wife which shot straight through her stomach. "She won't get far"
"Janice!" Arthur shouted and tried to get to his wife but Drake was hindering his way.
"Out of my way Drake!"
"I don't think so,"

Outside, Finn's mother was struggling to walk as there was a hole, where he stomach used to be, blood pouring from it and she couldn't hold her son with one hand, he was much too young.
She was near the gates of the market, when she fell and couldn't back up, luckily for her, a man in blue overalls and a red shirt with a cart with bottles full of milk had seen this and rushed over to her.
"Are you alright?" he asked her.
"There' hope...for me..." she said weakly. "Please...take my son...his name is...Finn..."
He nodded and grabbed the baby boy and took him away from the scene, across Hyrule field.

5 years later...

A young five-year-old girl sits crying at the foot of her now ruined village. A small village near a the Gerudo desert but also rumoured to also have sheikah roots. Every single house burned to ash due to an attack by a small, powerful force.
This strange group of people that attacked all wore masks hiding their faces except for their eyes, which had two holes open for them.
They rode upon horses and searched every house in search of...someone.
This girl would've died if it weren't for a strong traveler who grew weary from his travels and decided to rest in her village. He drove away most of the force but they managed to burn every house and kill many of the villagers, including her Mother and Father.
She felt a hand on her shoulder as the man who saved her tried to comfort her.
"Its alright little girl, we'll find who did this to you," The man said. The girl did not reply. The man smiled.
"I suppose you don't speak to strangers, my name is Arthur and yours?"
"Leia," she whispered.
"Leia," she said. "My name is Leia."
"Well then Leia, how would you like to come with me?"
The girl's eyes lit up with hope as she got up and followed the man away from the ruined village.

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