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Zelda walked to the sacred Temple of Time unaware that she was being followed. Two creatures -one black and gold, the other purple-  leapt past her blocking a portal that she knew led to a whole new world. Her eyes closed as she sang a soothing melody. The creatures followed her through the portal. Zelda looked around amazed by what she saw.  So this is the Pokemon world. She thought. "Well hello there." came a voice on Zelda's left. "Oh! You startled me." she said. She smiled though. "I am Professor Oak. You're the first Hylian to come through that portal in millennia. Not many Hylians know about the portal.  Espeon! Umbreon! Come!" commanded Professor Oak. "Can you tell me more about this world?" Zelda asked."Come with me." said Professor Oak. Zelda followed him. Her journey went fantastic but she soon realized she had to leave. But....when she got to the place where the portal had been the portal was gone. Oh no, She thought.  Now I'll never get home.

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