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Now, I was sleeping, as you do when you’re tired but I fell asleep longer than I first intended to.

The next thing I saw was a fat Italian plumber wearing a red cap with a white “M” on it and blue over-all’s, over a red shirt with white gloves on his hands.

“Bloody ‘ell” I muttered. “It’s a me Mario! “ “I don’t care who you are.” “Just tell me where I am!”

“You’re in the mushroom kingdom!” said Mario “must’ve gotten high of the mushrooms” I whispered.  After me and the Italian guy argued for a minute or two, a blonde woman wearing a sickly pink dress with a sapphire encrusted on it, walked elegantly down the stairs.

“Stop fighting!” she said in a very annoying voice “and you are?”  “Well if you must know I am princess peach. “You’re named after a fruit?” maybe I shouldn’t have said that because the next thing I knew An angry mob of very small people with little mushrooms on their heads

Attacked me so I beat the crap out of them though I didn’t kill them and I did get a lot of injuries.

“Ok so can you tell me why I’m here?” I “Politely” asked “you are here because you were chosen by the 3 goddesses of hyrule. “Hyrule?” “Yes.”  “It’s a very nice place I’m sure you’ll agree when you get there, but I didn’t finish.” “Hyrule is under attack by an evil force far stronger than you can imagine.”

“You were chosen to stop that evil force!” finished Mario.  “oh.” “Ok.” “Oh and why is my hair cyan?”

Mario and princess fruit shrugged “also, am I supposed to fight the evil force alone!?!?”

“No.”  “You will have to find link-” “who’s that?” “He lives in a tree house in a forest with a race of people called kokri’s.” “But the kokri’s never grow up.” “Wait what?” “So you’re saying I have to fight the evil force with a 5 year old?” “Stop interrupting!” yelled Mario. “And no unlike the rest of the forest people link is a hylian.” “So he’s from hyrule?” “Exactly but the kokri’s and link believe that anyone born in the forest can’t go outside because they will die.” “That’s a load of bullshi-“ but before I could finish the door of the mushroom kingdom castle flew open and  there was a green, four legged thing that looked sad. “What the hell?” “stay back!” said a voice from behind the thing the one who said it was a man wearing a blue suit with an arm cannon left arm the green four legged creature was shot down. “What was that thing?” “A creeper, they never make a sound and when they get close enough… BOOM your dead, and my name is Megaman.“ explained Megaman “well thanks for saving us.” I said while shaking hands with Megaman. “hey Megaman” “yes?” “do you know how to get to hyrule?” “Yes but why do you ask? Hyrule at the moment is filled with monsters and creepers and things like that!” warned Megaman “Well you know what?” “What?” “I’m going to save hyrule.” “That’s suicide!” “Not if I get an arm cannon like that.” “Umm well that’s not possible.” “Oh. Why?” “Dr. Light. My creator made me with an arm cannon and I don’t think he’ll be handing out free arm cannons soon, because if you haven’t figured it out I’m a robot.” “Ok then but I’m still going to go and save hyrule! Well mainly because I’m bored but yeah.” “Ok then.” Said Megaman.

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