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School was really far away from my house and to make things worse, my leg was still bleeding from that fall this morning. I rarely get hurt let alone bleed in front of people. I ignored all the eyes directly looking at me and my bleeding leg as I limp all the way to the nurses' office.

I stood there in front of the door of the nurses' office. I didn't want to look like an idiot and go in there since I rarely get hurt, but the pain was getting worse and I was afraid of my leg getting infected. I took a deep breath and slowly reached for the door handle.

The handle was cold and I was starting to shiver. But I didn't understand something. ‘Why am I so afraid of going to the nurse? Why can't I just burst in with the courage I usually have? What's going on with me?' I stood there with my hand holding the handle for several minutes until I the pain just got worse and opened the door.

"Oh it?" said the nurse as I stood there on the door.

"Um...yes...yes it is."

"Now what seems to be the problem?"  She looked at my leg and gasped. "My goodness, what happened to you?"

"I was running to the bus until I tripped and fell on the sidewalk," I said as I tried not to be embarrassed.

"Oh I see, well come with me to the table to disinfect it," she said as she walked towards the table. I followed her and sat on the table and raised my bleeding leg to her. I tried to ignore the pain but it's still hurting a lot. "Okay, now this might sting, but it will disinfect your leg." She poured some ointment on a piece of cotton and lightly rubbed it on my scrape. My god it hurts like hell, "sting" my ass this is painful!

"I-I thought you said that this would only sting?" I said trying not to show my pain.

"I'm sorry if it hurts a lot. Okay, all you need is some bandages and you be on your way," then she went to the cabinet to get bandages.

I was still holding in the pain. I looked at my leg, and I still couldn't believe that a single fall could cause this much bleeding. I sighed and remained quiet for the time being, and then the door opened.

A guy, dressed in a green short sleeve shirt and black jeans walked through the door. He wore a green hat to cover his dirty blonde hair. He looked around to find the nurse but instead found me sitting on the table, staring at him. "Hi uh, did you see where the nurse went?"

I couldn't get one word out of my mouth. I was too distracted by him, I didn't understand. I never liked any guy in school, not even the stupid good looking jocks. They all like me because of one thing, my beauty. No one cared about what I wanted, I'm just a smart, blonde girl that gets all A's at school, and rejects every boy that asks her out. But this guy, this guy is different from everyone else, I just know it.

"Um...excuse me? Is something wrong?" I snapped out of my trance and looked at him directly in his blue eyes.

"Oh um sorry, she went to get bandages for my leg," I said as I pointed to the back room.

He faced the back room then faced me and saw my leg. "W-what happened to your leg?"

I was really pissed off with everyone asking me what happened. "I ran after the bus and tripped on a rock," I told him trying not to show any anger.

"Oh you missed the bus then?" I was waiting for him to laugh, yeah laugh it up green boy. You and every other boy in this school, "I'm so sorry. I wish there was something I could have done." I just looked at him, saying nothing. I was really amazed, not once showing any signs of laughing. Maybe he's just hiding it now.

"You can know it's funny."

"I don't think it is. You missed the bus, you got hurt and you might have walked to school with a hurt leg. That doesn't seem funny to me." Now, I was truly amazed. He wasn't like most guys in the school already just by what he said to me. I knew everything he said was true. He looked me in the eyes while he was talking. "Are you okay? You haven't said another word since I talked."

"Oh sorry, I was about something."  I continue to stare at him.

"So, what's your name?"

"You don't know who I am?" I was the most popular girl in school and I really am shocked to hear that someone doesn't know who I am.

"No, I'm new to this school. I was just transferred from another land."

"Oh I see, well I hope you like it here in this school um...what's your name? You never told me who you are?"

"Well you didn't tell me your name. So you have to tell me first."

"Well my name is Zelda, and you?"
"The name's Link. I'm a senior. Are you a senior?" I nodded to his question. " you get bandaged up, do you want to show me around the school?" I was surprised he asked me to show him around, he's lucky I'm not one of those mean popular girls.

"You want show you around?" He nods and I responded to him with a smile. "Okay, I'll show you around." Then the nurse returned from the back room with the bandages.

"I'm sorry that you have to wait a long time. Oh hello, you must be Link. May I have your health records?" He gave her a piece of paper. "Thank you. Now here sweetie..." she started bandaging my leg, it hurt a little but not as much as the pain coming from it. "There you can go now hon." Then she walked to her desk.

We both walked out of the office. "Well can you show me where are the main areas of the school are?" Link asked me. I smiled and agreed.

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