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I woke up In a field of fresh green grass with small yellow grasshoppers that jump around and fly every where. I know exactly where I am and the minute I saw the man I knew who he was. "Hello kind sir,"I sighed while bowing,"it has been a while hasn't it?" He didn't speak until a few minutes afterward. "You have never seen me, I am taking on a shape that suits YOU, I am here to restore you and your family. Your didn't partake in the massacre in Ikana and I respect that. However, I cannot give life for free, I am sending you to the temple of snow to find a pearl I left there as a souvenir and you seem to now have your original form back so how about it, will you do it?" He didn't even need to ask, as he stuck his hand out for a shake, I reached over and hugged him,"Thank you, god of mercy." was all I could say for a while. Then he explained that I could stay for one night and then I had to leave. We had a great time, we drank clear spring water and ate fresh chicken sandwiches. When it was over I had to say good bye. I left for the vast unknown waiting for any sign of hope that I could complete this task. When I awoke, I was in the body of my childhood human years. I knew what I had to do, so I set off not realizing the horror I was about to have myself.

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