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Link woke up to the sunlight streaming in through the window.He jumped up remembering what was going to happen today.I was knocked out of my thoughts when a small knock sounded through the slim wood.Good Morning link zelda's outside waiting for you come on!.as i walked out i saw zelda sitting on the grass waiting for me.

I walked over while undetected i heard her say:i wonder when he will ask me out for dinner i calmly but giddly walked out of my "hiding spot" as zeldas triforce began to glow (A/N:MY STORY SO I CAN MAKE TWO TRIFORCES)mine glowed as well. morning link ready to goto lake hylia? yes i am princessb link chuckled i am also hero and praetor of time (A/N:Anyone know what praetor means).
Zelda chuckled when link blushed by the title given to him 7 years ago.lets go zel before it gets dark.

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