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One day it was Link and Zelda's birthday the only thing is that Link couldn't find Zelda.So Link bought a sword and a sheild and went on a qest to find Zelda.On his qest Link  finds items that will help in puzzels and fight enemys.The one thing that is giving Link his determination is a note that he found. It said:Dear Link,Please come and save me shadow Link captured me.The only way to beat him is by getting the four sword and give it light energy then you can attack.I am in a tower that is high in the sky.The tower has three keys the round black little marble that you got for your last birthday well that is a key.The three gaurds that went missing have the two keys the only thing is that they are in the other world.The blue madien has the Moon pearlto the other world when you shine it in the moon.Sincerly, Zelda.So then Link went to the blue maiden took her to a room showed her the note and asked for the Moon pearl. 




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