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Link was panting. His blood was flowing out of his arm, the arm that he can wield his weapons with. He glanced up at the yellow eyed monster. His left hand trembled from the massive amounts of blood lost from his arm. His green tunic, now stained with his blood, started to fall apart, revealing his chest. His bare chest was covered with wounds.
The monster laughed, "You disappoint me, Link. I would have thought that the Hero Chosen by the Goddesses would give me a great enough challenge. Or should I say, Hero of Time."
"What are you talking about, Ganon!?" Link yelled.
The boar-like beast walked around the empty and ravaged throne room. He gave out another low-tuned laugh. He wagged his crimson red tail.
"You do not know, do you?" His low deep voice gave a shiver through out Link's body. "Why don't you ask the Princess of Hyrule? Or should I say, Princess of Destiny." He turned around and walked to Zelda, who was in the other side of the throne.
"What are you talking about, Ganon!" Zelda yelled at him. "I don't know anything!"
The beast jumps above the ceiling then he lands in front of Zelda. The floor around Ganon broke and was sent flying around him. Few shards scratched Zelda's face and arms, tearing parts of her dress.
"You lie, Princess!" he growled. "Stop lying to me, yourself, and to Link!"
"What is he talking about...Zelda?" Link asks.
"I don't know," she said.
"You can't lie to me." He chuckled. You can't lie to me!!" He span and smacked Zelda across the room. She screamed until she slammed against the wall. She slowly fell off from the wall and into the ground.
"Zelda!!!" Link yelled. He picked himself up and limped towards the injured girl. "Zelda...say something...."
He turned her body around, he wished he hadn't. The princess' chest was cut deeply, blood was starting to pour out. She coughed out blood and moaned in the movement of her bleeding chest.
"N-no...." Link turned to Ganon. "Why do you have to hurt so many innocent people!?!" The young warrior moved his arms under the princess, cradling her.
Ganon laughed again. "You both deserve it. You both will get my revenge!"
"Revenge for what?!" Link yelled. "I only met you a few minutes ago!" He held Zelda close, hearing the faintest sound from her. "Other than bringing light back from twilight, there should be no reason for you to get revenge on me and Zelda!"
"L-Link...," Zelda said weakly. She coughs out more of her blood.
"Foolish hero, you are a hero from before!" Ganon said.
"What are you talking about?!"
Ganon smiled.
"Li....Link...,you incarnation of a-" she coughs. "a hero who saved Hyrule...years ago...." Zelda took a deep breath. "You are the Hero of Time, reborn!" she screams from all of the pain and losses consciousness.
Link stares at Zelda in disbelief. He had heard of stories of the legendary hero but never have expected he was him. He wondered how even the princess and beast remembered but he didn't.
"You trapped me for years in the Sacred Realm. Forever to wonder aimlessly in the vast void of emptiness. I had to suffer for thousands of years, until I got out!"
"You were set free?" Link roared.
"Correct! I had continued to do my thieving ways. Until, her law had sentenced me to trial!" he had pointed to Zelda with one of his bare claws. "They had sentenced me for execution!" He laughed maniacally. "If it wasn't for the Triforce still in my possession, I would have died. I had survived the execution and murdered the Water Sage." Link gritted his teeth. "I was sent to the Twilight Realm and had gained control of that idiotic Zant! And with that idiot on my side...I was able to take control of Hyrule!!!" He laughs once more.

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