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      "Right chaps, we'll secure this military base and wait for our armor to pull in," said lieutenant Doyle to his troops. He didn't want them to just sit around doing nothing, the Germans might attack and if they did, they'd be prepared. They stockpiled many crates of ammo for their Lee Enfields and sten guns, and in total, they had a great supply. "Jerry won't pull his face around here!" said the supply officer, Hendricks. The men looked dusty, in their desert combat fatigues and their helmets, they really looked like they had been through hell. "Tunisia hasn't been fair to you boys, has it?" Doyle spun around saluting and barking, "Attenshun!" The captain, also known as captain Lolly by the men, was standing, he was about six feet tall and looked very strong. He had a grey beard and always had somthing odd to say (hence the name lolly). "We're gonn eat steak tonight," he yelled profoundly. The men gave an " OORAH!" to that and went on with their business. Later that night, after the celebration and partying had died down, Doyle was summoned to a special officers meeting in the base they had just captured. "Gentlemen," the captain began gravely, " I have called you here tonight to inform you that our armor will not be coming here." cries of outrage burst out from the crowed of people, if they had no armor, how were they to stand a chance against the German artillery and Panzer tanks they kept sending their way? "However," the captain yelled over all other voices," we have found a machine that may turn the tide of the war." Complete silence filled the room, as though all life had been annihilated in a single moment. "We believe that this creation may very well be a teleportation device that can get us into Berlin befroe the bastards know what hit them!" Slamming his hand on the table he said this with vigor in his heart and rage in his eyes. "We don't know if we'll be able to recieve you in the device," he started, his voice sothing lower in colume, "but you should be able to take out the enemy without their noticing and kill Hitler before the Americans and the Russians. Any Volunteers?"

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