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    "I volunteer!" said a voice above the crowed. It was Doyle! He was determined to win the war and be a hero for his country. He was the only one to do this though, and he was greeted with handshakes and hi-fives. He walked upp to the podium where the captain was standing whom informed him about the mission. He was told to be in the barracks at 5 in the morning, not a problem for him and his men, as they were always up at 4:30 to stretch and excercise. In the morning the 30-man group walks over to the barracks where they see a military policeman standing outside the door. He sees their identification and allows them to move along. When they get inside they gasp in unison. A red pod, big enough to hold a sherman tank was there right in front of them! None of them could believe their eyes and a few of them rubbed their eyes to see if they were dreaming. The captain gave them the usual speech, I am proud of each and every one of you... the usual stuff. Then he wishes each man good luck on their mission and the soldiers pack into the confined area. It wasn't as crowded as they once thought, in fact it wasn't very warm! They waved goodbye to the military scientists seeing them off and finally a bright greenswirly ray of light erupted from the exact middle of the pod and a blackness over took each soldiers conciousness's. One by one, the soldiers went out like a light.

    When they woke up, they were in a field with the sun shineing around them.A bird of some kind was flying above their heads. This wasn't Germany!

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