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    In the middle of the night, Doyle awoke to a man screaming, "God, get the buggers off of me!" He was in such a hurry, sprinting down the rows of tent that he didn't notice the hole in the ground. He tripped, tumbling until he fell into the hole, and a moan erupted from the spot. "Mate, are you okay?" one of the NCO's called out. The poor man groaned again and, with the rope that they had, they eventually pulled him out. There was a plat, about the size of a planting pot, sticking out of his stomach. The medic had no idea what kind it was and when he asked him how that had happened, he said he saw somthing flyigng, raised his gun, fired and missed. Before he could reload his bolt, the thing attached itself to him.Other than the plant the man had a cracked rib and his left leg was broken. This is a dangerous place, thought Doyle. After walking for what seemed like hours, they came across a village with a windmill on a hill in the background. The people took sideways glances at them and clearly spoke in english, but didn't interact with the soldiers. Finally a rather large man wearing a green tunic and hat walked up to them and asked if they were fighting Ganondorf too. "Gano- wah?" was the reply of the men. Well you do know don't you. The men leaned in closer.

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