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" head...where am i...?"I sat up slowly groaning and cluching my right shoulder wich hurt most. someone had bandaged me up."how did i get here?and who banaged me up?i could have sworn that was my end..."


"Hmmm?Who's there?"

"The hero,Link."

I got up and walked over to the person to verify their claim.It was him,that was proved when he looked up at me.

"It doesn't take but a glance to tell you stand out above the are special.Now...What is your name?"


"i think Malon has mentioned you before.she said when you two were very little you'd come over and you two would play.when you were a bit older,you milked the cows and clean the stables with her.and once,you cut off half of her hair."

"yeah,i did, but it was an accident."
"i take the blames and the beatings,no matter how bad they always do."

"because you care,no matter how much you say you don't,you care."

"not true."

Link sighed."you really are persistent,aren't you?"

"yeah,and i'm proud of it."

"can see that,Kaylee."
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