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"Link...are you sure that's safe?"

"i have a destiny as the hero of time emerald.i think i can."

"i wish i could,but it is hard to belive you completely."

"i can see you as the hero of time,'ve got a great setiny."

he smiled at her."thanks."with all of his might, he pulled the sword.a bright white light spread from the pedestal,and they both turned away thier heads some and shielded their faces.

"Has the Hero of time finally come?"

"Awaken as the Hero of time..."



"Link,where are you?"

"You are too youngn to face him right will go into an magical sleep for seven years..."

"and who is that girl...?"

" he taking the triforce?!"

"Awaken in seven years,young hero..."


as said,seven years passed for them.and when they awoke, thier appearences were quite different. link now had a hylian shield and the master sword in an elaborate daughter emerald, she had an elaborate golden,glided bow,as well as two small swords.Link also had a bow, but sinifigantly stronger than hers.they had both trained with bows as young children.Link had some experience with a sword,a bit more than Emerald.

"I am Raru,one of the ancient sages who guarded this temple."

"What are you?"

"and who are you to interupt me girl?"

"free speech."


"i know that!"

"Link,as you probably have already noticed,you are not really a kokiri.royal hylian blood flows through your veins, just like princess zelda."

"I'm a hylian..."

"The great deku tree already knew you're destiny.your father died in a battle called the imprisioning war several years ago. even though your mother was mortally wounded,she took you into the forbidden woods before she passed away.when the great deku tree saw you,he knew you were destined to be great.he took you in and raised you lovingly like all the other kokiri."

"Why didn't he tell me...?"

"Because it was best for you to discover it on your, you should be going now."

Link did Emerald.side by side,bow and arrows and a sword in hands.

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