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I limped through the forest as fast as I could. In front of me I could see the lanterns fading through the fallen snow getting farther and farther away. Blood seeped through the fingers of my hand that was firmly applying pressure to my side. I could hear the dire wolves snarling getting farther as they carried her away.I tripped over a tree root and face planted into the ground. I lay there sprawled in the snow cursing my own uselessness. ' I have to get up, I have to save her!' I thought to myself. I rolled over and pushed my back against a tree and then struggled to stand. I found that my legs would not obey me and once again cursed how weak I was. Tears rolled down my face freezing halfway to the end my cheeks. I turned my head and watched as the lights disappeared into the night, then I yelled her name hoping she would be with me again.


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